J. W. Manning Photography 5:43pm, 16 September 2010
I know the A330 has limitations on automatically doing multiple exposures for HDR. With only a maximum of +/- 0.7 latitude, HDR requires a bit more. Here are my ideas on getting around this;

1. Use raw - use a single raw photo and process it. Applications like photomatix (from hdrsoft www.hdrsoft.com) or others will pull in single raw files and let you apply tone mapping to them. Beware, this may cause unsightly noise.

2. Use raw - I know, twice. This time, in a raw editor, save 3 or more exposure variations (I don't recommend more than say 5 (at +/- 2, +/- 1 and 0)) as jpegs and treat them as you would normal photos for HDR. I've gotten great results from this and the noise is reduced as a result as well.

3. Use the bracketing in camera - Use the +/-0.7 bracketing in the camera, and then using the second technique above, pull your outer photos out a bit more in exposure. This may help with banding and clipped colors that the second option above may cause.

4. Do it manually - Set your camera on a tripod, set to aperture priority, set EV to 0, and take your own bracketed shots manually. Adjust the EV to the latitude you want for each photo and click the shutter (remote helps, or use timer). Then you have 3 or more (depending on your shot count) photos with the right exposures for HDR.

I hope this helped anyone looking to experiment in HDR with these cameras.
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