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Fantastic starter lighting kit and fix for Sony fit.

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Blackriver Images says:

I picked up a Interfit Strobies XS lighting kit today. Right on the box is says "Not for Sony or Minolta mount flash guns. So I knew right away I had some rigging to do. Little did I know I'd come up with a solution that works better than the mount in the box.

First off it's a nice little system for someone on a budget or someone who does not really do a lot of studio work either portrait or product. I believe it retails for $119.95 but I picked it up for $89 as I'm sure you can as well with a little shopping. Maybe even less.

What you get is;

16x16 soft box.
A sturdy air cushioned standard stand (I believe it's 9 feet).
Interfit's own designed mounting bracket to hold the soft box or an umbrella (umbrella not included)

As you'll be able to see below it's designed to work well with the Nikon or Sony pop up flash triggered flash guns. Or any IR based triggering system that needs decent line of sight. I use the 42AM.

www.interfitphotographic.com/Strobies/Strobies XS.php

Seems odd that they would not put some sort of Sony fitting in the kit but fear not. It was easy as pie to not only rig the system to work with the Sony mount but I believe its an improvement.

Basically if you look at where the flashgun is mounted you can see that it's a screw and washer on one side of a thin metal strip and on the other side is the standard Canikon hot shoe mount. Obviously this wont with with a Sony flashgun.

What I did was thread a tripod quick release pad though the same slot in the thin metal strip and and into the "foot" that comes with my Sony 42AM flashgun. I plan to leave it there as the tripod pad was a spare. If you don't have a spare they can be purchased anywhere from 5 to 30 bucks. With the foot in place all I have to do is mount the flash gun in place just as I would if I were putting it on the foot to stand on a table. Quick, easy and sits in perfect position.

Interfit Strobies XS Softbox and Stand Lighting Kit
Interfit Strobies XS Softbox and Stand Lighting Kit
Interfit Strobies XS Softbox and Stand Lighting Kit
1:16AM, 15 September 2010 PDT (permalink)

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