SonyAlpha330 12:52am, 29 August 2010
My camera has been setting the shutter speed to 1" or higher everytime I have been trying to take pictures where the light is not too bright-- which includes overcast outside. So, it has become next to impossible for me to take pictures without inducing camera shake. This is a new problem to me, and it seems to have started since I switched back and forth between my kit lens and 75-300 zoom lens. Earlier, I could take pictures of the moon (some are on my flickr page) with 1/200 shutter speed, but now it's a different story. Aperture priority mode makes it even worse. And in manual mode with 1/250 shutter speed I only get darkness and nothing else, even a light bulb appears only dimly lit.

Have I inadvertently messed up my camera settings, or is it something else? Please help me understand and figure it out. Thanks.
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
About the slowest shutter speed you can use without visible shade is 1/15th or 1/20th. I've been able to pull off 1/8th once in a while but only at very short focal lengths.

So number one if your going shutter priority and hand held you will want to stay above 1/15th at the slowest. I tend to try and stay above 1/25th hand held at moderate focal lengths. For longer focal lengths you will have to increase the shutter speed even more or use a tripod.

In Auto mode the highest ISO your camera will select is 400. If your setting is really dark you will need to go beyond this unless you have a very fast lens. This means you will have to set it manually by going to Shutter priority, aperture priority or manual and setting the ISO to 800 or higher but then you will have noise issues.

If you intend to take a lot of low light shots you might want to invest in a faster lens. The Sony DT 50mm f/1.8 is a very good and affordable lens. Beyond that you will be looking at spending over 150 bucks unless you want to go used.
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
BTW for faster and pretty good info I'd look into joining the Alpha group. It's very high traffic so you can get faster responses. I will warn you though IMO it does have it's share of "know it all's" some of which only THINK they know it all. But there is no doubt a lot of good advice to be found there.
SonyAlpha330 8 years ago
Thanks, I will join that group. But I guess my question was, why would the camera set a slow shutter speed even on Auto mode? It never did that before, even under shady or darker lighting conditions. And why is it that in Manual mode a faster shutter speed is capturing nothing but darkness, even when there is sufficient light-- a 100W bulb should not appear mostly dark should it?
Hahaha @ Blackriver, I hope I don't fall into that "know it all" category...
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