qcgirl 1:00am, 26 August 2010
Hi All,

I am going to a snazzy wedding next weekend and I want to take my new camera along.
Its a Sony A330 and I intend to take just my 50mm f1.8 prime with me.
The reception will be indoors. The wedding is at 4 so by the time the couple shows up to the reception, it will be 6+.
I would like to impress with a few good shots.
Setting suggestions?

The Sony tends to get a bit noisy at elevated iso settings.
Only have the on-board flash. Not sure about the light in the reception venue.

What do you think? Leave it on Auto and let her rip? Laughing

It really depends on the amount of light in the room. I don't recommend auto... I would suggest aperture priority set to about f2.0-2.8 and ISO100. If you need to compensate from there for more light, I would open the aperture to f1.7. If you absolutely have to, raise the ISO to 200 or more depending on how much the camera needs... good luck!
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Well I've been in the same situation with the same equipment. I think you might find that it's a bit hard to maneuver with the 50mm... remember that 50mm on an A330 is equivalent to 75mm on a traditional 35mm film camera or a FF digital. It's a great lens but unless it's an unusually large room you'll be limited to head and shoulder shots a lot of the time.

If the room is really well lit then you'll have no problems. If it's a little bit on the dark side then my recommendation is to shoot shutter priority. If your shooting fast motion like dancing or people walking around you'll want to keep it around 1/50th or above. If your shooting people just sitting around or standing fairly still posing then you might be able to get away with going down to 1/30th or so.

Your shots will then default to f/1.8 in this case so if your shots are coming out with too shallow of a DOF for example if your shooting groups then you might want to go to manual and keep the shutter around 1/40th to 1/60th or so and bump the aperture up. These settings will most likely result in dark images but if you should be able to brighten them up substantially on your computer.

Also banquet halls tend to have mixed lighting as in both fluorescent and tungsten. This can really mess up your white balance so it's really advisable to shoot in RAW to give you a little more flexibility in both brightening your images and color correcting them.

The pop up flash can help but you will drain your battery faster and will most likely end up removing red eye. If anything I would dial the flash compensation down a bit.

Oh... as far as ISO your right, Sony is a bit noisy so I really would try and stick to 100 or 200 at the most and count on brightening up the images in post. You'd be amazed at how much you can bring up the exposure after the fact. If you think about it... regardless of ISO the exact same amount of light is hitting the sensor given your specific exposure settings... so you can either jack up the ISO and amplify the signal in camera or you can just brighten in post. I tend to find better results letting the computer do the brightening rather than the sensor.

Sorry for all the blabbing but basically since your not the primary shooter just have fun.
qcgirl 8 years ago
Great advice, Thanks so very much. I shall take it all into consideration. Maybe my kit lens would be a better choice.....hummm.
You'll cringe, but I've done a wedding with a stock 18-55mm and a HVL-F20AM (yes, the F20!) and the couple loved it! Course, the couple was my daughter and her husband, but you get the point. Sometimes you just have to use what you have and do your best. I have a F42 flash now and wish I had it for this wedding! Be creative. I took some slow synch flash shots at the reception and got some cool photos. One shot, I took flash on first curtain, then someone beside me took a flash photo while my shutter was open and the result was awesome! My photo had two exposures of the same person in two different positions and was quite clear. Be creative with your equipment. You don't need a lot of crap to capture those special moments.
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