Live View Mode

tweetyiniowa 11:51pm, 29 July 2010
I just got my camera today, so if I sound's because I am. lol question is the live view supposed to be grainy looking? The pictures come out clear as day...and are clear on preview...but for the live view mode when I use it as a view finder, it's grainy. This normal?
Yes, even the manual mentions that. It's grainy because it's a smaller, less powerful sensor that gets grainy on low light views. It's not a problem.
tweetyiniowa 8 years ago
Ok...phew! Thank you! :) Im just nervous...this is the most expensive camera I've ever gotten, by first few days Im going to be worrying over everything to make sure it's working right! lol
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Yes the A330 does not have a very high resolution screen. Couple that with the fact that it tries to mimic your shoots exposure and the image on the LV screen can look awful at times.

The A330 is a great starter DSLR by the way. It has it's limitations but a beginner and even a mid level amateur won't need anything more. And if you like shooting in LV mode Sony is really the only viable brand to go with. So sounds like you made a good choice... that being said if you want to advance in your photography try to get used to using the optical view finder more and more.
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