Battery life

Dancing Librarian 6:53am, 20 June 2010
Has anyone had trouble with their batteries. Mine keeps going flat, I've only used it twice and I charged it overnight the first time. I took the battery back today thinking that they would just give me a replacement one, but they said to take it home and charge it again, and then see how many photos it would take? It says online it should take about 510 photos or 230 in live view. I haven't taken many photos, I've been charging it for the last hour and it still hasn't charged, and yet it says underneath that the light should go off after an hour.
Something does not compute....
qcgirl 8 years ago
Can't say exactly how many I get.....but my battery life is quite good despite the predictions on the web site saying it is lower than other dslr's (canon, nikon etc)
Sounds like a lemon to me.

Good luck,
ßobby55 8 years ago
Take it back and ask THEM to test it., I've no idea how many photos I get, but it certainly holds it's charge for weeks.
Nick Chasman 8 years ago
I get good battery life on my a330. I have 4 batteries for mine. I recently purchased a couple of "chinese" batts from ebay and they seem to work as well as the Sony batts for a fraction of the price.

When the light goes out on the charger, it means you can use the battery, NOT that it is fully charged. Give it another few hours on the charger to have a full charge (this is covered in the owners manual). Also, be sure to turn the camera off if you are not actively taking photos. Leaving the Live View turned on will drain the battery faster as well.

I would purchase a second battery to compare it to the one that came with your camera. Having at least one extra battery is a good thing.
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
I tend not to use the LCD very much and am good about turning the camera off between shots even if it's just for a few seconds until the next shot. Doing this I can shoot all day on two batteries or for 4-6 hours if it's an even that I'm constantly shooting.
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