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I need a simple information about this 330 camera:
About this Sony A-330 I would like to know if the lenses of the "old" Alpha line (A-200, A-300, A-350etc.) are compatible with this "new" line (A-230, A-330, etc..).
I work with a Alpha 200 and some lenses (18-70, 55-200 and 10-16) and I probably will buy an Alpha 330.
If you can help me answering this question I'd really apreciate that.
Thanks in advance.
Sérgio, BRAZIL
All Alpha lenses work on all Alpha SLR's. If it works on the 200 it will work on the 330. Happy shopping!
Luiz Eduardo Carvalho 8 years ago
Thats it.. JaggEr is right...

Boas compras!
expensive name [deleted] 8 years ago
Luiza Meireles 8 years ago
Sérgio, todas as lentes Minolta, Konica Minolta, Sony, Carl Zeiss ou mesmo Sigma e Tamron com montagem "A" (mount A) servem em todas as Alphas.

As lentes Minolta MD e MC só podem ser usadas nas Alphas (ou qualquer outra câmara) com adaptador e sem o foco automático.

A única incompatibilidade em termo de lentes se refere às lentes Sony DT que foram projetadas para as câmaras com sensor APS-C (da família 100 a 700) e que não são indicadas para as full frame (850 e 900).

Para minha tristeza, a bateria da A330 e também da 230, 290 e 390 é diferente da do restante das Alphas e não está disponível na SonyStyle Brasileira.

Google translator (with adaptations):

Sergio, all lenses Minolta, Konica Minolta, Sony, Carl Zeiss or Sigma and Tamron with mount "A" serve on all Alphas.

Lenses Minolta MD and MC can only be used on Alphas (or any other camera) adapter with and without auto focus.

The only inconsistency in terms of lens refers to Sony DT lenses that were designed for cameras with APS-C sensor (Family 100-700) and are not suitable for the full frame (850 and 900).

To my regret, the battery 330 and also 230, 290 and 390 is different from the rest of the Alphas and is not available at Brasilian SonyStyle.

Sorry to have answered in Portuguese, but I don't speak English.

Jean M. Photography 8 years ago
Of course it will work!
But the real question is: should you buy a a330 over a a200? It's really personnal but i had a a330, and it's really a beginner camera, you should not use it as an upgrade.
I went for a canon 7d for an upgrade and it's pretty good!
So my conclusion is: dont get a a330 over a a200, they are gonna give you almost the same results and the a330 is less comfortable in hands.
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