Camera Shake

ßobby55 1:45pm, 10 June 2010
A weakness in my left arm frequently causes shake problems when taking hand held shots, particularly with the 75mm-300mm telephoto.
I'm advised that a mono pod may be easier for me, certainly better than lugging a tripod around.
Having never seen, let alone used one, I wondered if they would be advantageous to me or would it be just a waste of money?
Luiz Eduardo Carvalho 8 years ago
Hey Bob.

I have to be honest, and say I've never used one for photograph, but I used it with some video cameras, and it worked just great. There are some really cheap ones, $11, $17 at amazon, and you can test for yourself if it will work fine for you without spend too much... Just make sure yours get even with your height, so you don't need to bend yourself every shot, or put your a330 too much at risk folding your LCD screen all the time.

Thats it.. hope it helps...
monopods are much more portable, and quicker to setup than tripods. I've also only used them for video though. I know that steadyshot needs to be off when using a tripod, but do you need to turn it off when using a monopod?
ßobby55 8 years ago
I've ordered a cheap one to try, it doubles as a walking stick so one way or the other it won't be a waste of money. I'll let you know how it goes.
Luiz Eduardo Carvalho 8 years ago
Great Bob.... win-win situation, how often it happens?? :-)

JaggEr, about the steadyshot, is that a rule, or something?
I never turn it off... even on my (half ass) tripod, when I press the shutter it moves a bit, so I have to check the metter when it is ok...
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