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SonyAlpha330 2:44am, 23 May 2010
Are there any tricks to using the sports mode on a 330, so the pictures won't come out blurry? I tried taking some shots at the last Twin-Sox game using sports mode, but the objects in motion all came out blurry to some extent. For example, Joe Mauer in this picture:

DSC00254 by SonyAlpha330

Any suggestions how to get sharper images during a game?

Blackriver Images Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Blackriver Images (member) 8 years ago
Well unfortunately if it's not a really bright day it's going to be hard to get really crisp shots at that range without a more expensive f/2.8 lens and a camera that can handle 800-1600 ISO.

With the A330 and the 75-300 lens you have on there I would go shutter speed priority mode. Dial up to at least 1/125th maybe higher. If the aperture wont hack it at that speed because it's not a really bright day then dial up the ISO to 800 and check the noise. You may have to shoot RAW and just try and clean up the noise the best you can.

The higher end sports lens will help you with the purple fringing chromatic aberration your getting as well.
SonyAlpha330 8 years ago
Well, actually it was a night game, and the ballpark was brightly lit. But I'll take your advice and play around with the shutter priority mode. Many thanks!
Ryan Waughon Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ryan Waughon (member) 8 years ago
There's a huge difference between brightly lit ballpark lights and say the bright sunshine. The ballpark lights are not that great for freezing action with a normal lens. Like what Blackriver said, you are gonna need a lens that has a larger aperture (i.e f/2 - f/4) to be able to freeze the action. Shooting in those lighting conditions your gonna get a lot of camera shake (blurry images) if you don't have a high aperture, shutter speed and mid range ISO. As well, if your shutter speed is slower than you focal length, i.e 100mm and a shutter of say 1/60, you run the risk of camera shake (handheld, not tripod/monopod).
And always shoot in RAW for sports, it allows your camera to collect all lighting and coloring details, so you have more room to work with during post processing.
SonyAlpha330 8 years ago
Thanks very much!
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