qcgirl 6:23pm, 10 May 2010
I am a former Canon Rebel XSi owner, but had to sell it.
I miss having a dslr more than I thought, so am thinking about getting this kit.
The reviews I have found on the net are mixed. I have small hands so the grip thing shouldn't bother me.
I want a good depth of field and some bokeh to spice things up in my shots that my Canon S5 bridge camera can't give me.
How's the battery life.
I will not be adding a lot of accessories, just going with what the kit provides, mainly for outdoor nature, scenery, family shots.
Many thanks,
I'm happy with mine! I also went and got a minolta 50mm f1.7 and love it (amazing bokeh). The only contention I have with it is the graininess at higher iso's and darker exposures...
I thought I would use the tilt screen more, but 99% of the time I use the viewfinder. I probably could have gone with the A230 and been just fine (everything is the same aside from the tilt screen, and the A230 has a better viewfinder).
qcgirl 8 years ago
Thanks for the advice.

I decided to buy the A330 kit that was (is) on sale at FutureShop.
The camera gets good reviews and with your added opinion....
Why the heck not.
The tilt screen is a big + for me. I have this in my Canon S5 is and use it frequently, well, when its called for, altho like you, I use the viewfinder most of the time.

Cheers and thanks again.
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