Blackriver Images 12:10am, 22 April 2010
The Illustrated Practical Guide to Digital and Classic Photography by Steve Luck and John Freeman.

I just picked this book up at Boarders for $9.95. It's 512 pages full color with over 1,500 images and diagrams. Aimed at beginners but lots of great information for anyone. I've been shooting SLR's for over 22 years and I've already found several tid-bits that I either forgot or never knew.

I would have put a link but I can't find the exact same book on the web site. There are several books by Luck and/or Freeman that look just like this one with a little tweek in the name so if you go looking for it be careful. In fact they have a book called "the complete practical guide to digital and classic photography" with the exact same cover images but as you can see a one word diff in the title.

Each lists for $35.95 but only the "Illustrated practical guide" is $9.95.

BTW I'd call first just in case only my local boarders has it on sale.
Ryan Waughon Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ryan Waughon (member) 9 years ago
I'll have to check my local Boarders if they've got it.

Edit: You won't find it on their computer search stations or even online. Just go to the "Photography" section and look for a rather large book (~10" x 12"), more than likely it will be facing forward (displaying the cover) with a big $9 (white) sticker on it.
Blackriver Images 9 years ago
Yeah I don't know why it's not in their system... My copy had a red sticker.

I had a good chance to sit down with the book yesterday got about half way though mostly skimming and I'm pretty happy with it. Good information for just about any level user. Great info for a beginner and great refresher for someone more advanced.
Ryan Waughon 9 years ago
I've only managed to find time to get about half way through the film section. Lots of good info.
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