disastrous ground [deleted] 7:15pm, 21 March 2010
Hello all,

Wondered if anyone could help me out.....

How big am i able to print to with my Alpha 330? A friend of mine would like a copy of one of my photos but would prefer to have it bigger than A3 - do you think this is possible?

Many thanks

Blackriver Images 9 years ago
Hmmm... whats A3?

Just to give you an idea... "The picture people" a chain with over 130 portrait studios... the ones in the malls. They print up to 24x36 and possibly even higher. Their shops use the Canon 30D's (Some have upgraded to the 40D. The 30D is an 8mp camera. Your A330 is 10.1 So toss in all the factors that can bring image quality and res down and you should have a good idea. Of course the picture people shoot with a nice lens in a highly controlled environment. But in short your ability to print large will not be limited by your camera.
Justin.Williams1 9 years ago
LaUz, I have used www.mpix.com to successfully print 16X24in images that turned out fantastic, and I am pretty sure a 24X36in image would be fine also. I would highly recommend them for doing any printing. I have tried a few other places and none have been as satisfying as mpix.

You basically upload the file and then they mail you the print. They package things very nicely and they package large prints flat. Really fast. There customer service is also superb.
disastrous ground [deleted] 9 years ago
thank you for your advice =)
Ryan Waughon 9 years ago
- A3 is basically 11x17, give or take 1/2 to 1/4 inch.
Blackriver Images 9 years ago
Oh thanks. I guess I don't know the lingo hah.
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