Redheat57 6:05pm, 5 April 2010
Blob in the sky by Redheat57
Help needed, I have noticed a spot or blob on my recent pictures. I think it must be a dust particle on the sensor. Have tried the cleaning mode in the main menu but it has not cleared it. Tried an air blower without success. It does not appear in every shot, but grass and sky show it up. It's aways in the same place and it does not matter which lens is fitted it's still there. Any suggestions please.
rbcpics 9 years ago
ther is a subject on you tube on how to clean your camera lens and sensor that is very helpful
Blackriver Images Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Blackriver Images (member) 9 years ago
I've seen a ton of sensor dust and that doesn't look like typical sensor dust to me.

I would put the camera in sensor clean mode and take a good look at it with a magnifying glass or a sensor loop in good light. A spot that size should be visible to the naked eye and defiantly if you magnify it.

If the camera's sensor vibration doesn't work and you've tried a blower then try a sensor cleaning brush after that the last thing to try is a wet sensor cleaning kit or lastly take it in.

I use a sensor cleaning pen by Lenspen and I've never had to do anything beyond that.
SB {Photos} Posted 9 years ago. Edited by SB {Photos} (member) 9 years ago
I had the same thing happening to me just two weeks after getting my camera.. I wasn't being careful enough when changing lenses and specs from my dusty house were all over the place on the sensor! I bought a blower and didn't have much success with it until after I dusted my house from top to bottom, then made sure all was settled before trying again. Then I made sure to hold the camera pointed down, blow blow blow, continue holding camera pointed down, pause for a several seconds for the dust to fall out. blow blow blow again, then wait. Then quickly put a lens on again, while camera is pointed down. (a tripod might help with all of this pointed down business). It took me two cycles to get rid of the dust and now I'm much more careful and quick when changing lenses.... AND a much more regular dusting schedule in the house! To quickly check the results, photograph a smooth sheet of white paper at F22 or smaller aperture in daylight, then magnify in camera to search for dust. I hope this helps!! I was so frustrated about the dust spots until I figured out how to use the blower properly
Redheat57 9 years ago
Thanks for the all the comments. I'm very much a novice at dslr so I took my camera back to the shop where I bought it and saw the same guy who sold me the camera six months ago. He was very helpful and showed me how to expose the the sensor by starting the cleaning mode then remove the lens. He then held the camera up and using a blower cleaned the sensor, then put the lens back and switch off. It worked!! I took about 50 pictures after leaving the shop with no sign of any spots. Now I know how to expose the sensor I should be able to keep it clean. Thanks for all the advice.
Blackriver Images 9 years ago
It's a good idea to get used to dusting off your camera as well as the lens your about to put on it. Get used to keeping the camera angled downward anytime the mirror box is exposed. Also don't ignore the lens mount... the lens mount itself both on the camera and the lenses can become contaminated with tiny metal shards from rotating the lenses off and on each time you switch. That being said when your cleaning the lens mount on the camera side be careful not to let that debris go inward into the camera. I q-tip dampened with lens cleaning solution is a good way to clean the lens mount.
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