canadian red pepper 3:49pm, 5 April 2010
Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me how to drop the aperture setting to f2.8 or lower?
what kind of lens are you using?
canadian red pepper Posted 9 years ago. Edited by canadian red pepper (member) 9 years ago
Hi, SAL100M28 100mm f2.8 macro I am trying for greater detail in macro shots
I've never used this lens, but it look to me like the widest it gets is f2.8, with a min of f32... If your camera is in Aperture Priority mode, you should be able to turn your wheel to adjust the aperture... Maybe I'm missing something?
Blackriver Images 9 years ago
Yep thats about it. In either A-priority or Manual mode just dial it to 2.8 if you want to allow the most light in and have the most shallow DOF.
canadian red pepper 9 years ago
thank you. i gave it a try and it worked just fine.
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