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Christopher Shaver Photography says:

I am new to the SLR world and was wondering which camera bag to buy. I want a bag big enough to carry my a330 w/extra lenses, camcorder, and a regular digital camera and of course all of the accessories.
9:57AM, 14 March 2010 PDT (permalink)

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rbcpics says:

its nice to have a big bag but after a while it gets to heavy if
you get a big camera bag you should get a small one to
some day you mite not want to carry a big bag thats why
you should get a small bag to. thats just my 2 cents
101 months ago (permalink)

wonderful self [deleted] says:

I have two bags, one big and one small.
101 months ago (permalink)

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Blackriver Images says:

I've been shooting for 22 years, had 3 SLR's and 2 DSLR's and never been more happy with my bag.

My Main Pack: Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW

101 months ago (permalink)

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Ryan Waughon says:

This what I use. Allows me to carry my macbook, camera and lenses. Sometimes I can cram 2 SLR's (1 digi and 1 film) and 4 to 5 lenses in it, packed just perfectly that is.

Originally posted 101 months ago. (permalink)
Ryan Waughon edited this topic 101 months ago.

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