disastrous ground [deleted] 9:54am, 27 March 2010
Hey Guys

Hope all is well....

Ok so i've been reading up a little on filters and figured I should purchase a couple to start to build up my collection. It seems the Polarizing filter is a must for most people - would you agree? and if so, where should i get a reasonably priced one, i'm only a beginner so i don't want to spend mega bucks!

Also, any other recommendations?

Cheers =)

Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Polorizer is nice for removing reflections of glass, water, metal, paint, etc. Also can do nice things with skies.

Neutral Density filters are nice for super bright environments... people like to use these to get that burred effect on running water. I like using ND filters for skies as well.

For the most part I'm too lazy to swap out filters though :P
I also have a few polarizers, but am to lazy to swap. Most things these days are easier just to adjust in post-process...
ßobby55 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ßobby55 (member) 8 years ago
I'd suggest a drop in square Graduated Neutral Density filter , number 3 0r 4 soft edge for landscapes.
See this video
Justin.Williams1 8 years ago
these sites have some decent selections on filters at reasonable prices I think.

I haven't ordered any yet but have been researching them. I am planning to get an ND X64 or NDX400 so I can do some long exposures durring the day. the IR filters look pretty interesting to for B&W.
disastrous ground [deleted] 8 years ago
thanks for your help guys =)
rbcpics 8 years ago
my first filter i bought was a uv filter
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