wonderful self [deleted] 1:06am, 8 March 2010
Extended to 3/21/10 so that more of you can join in.

This weeks topic is " Candid, un-posed and unplanned"

This weeks topic will require you to get out into the world and capture a moment of real life unscripted. Be sure to read the rules and happy shooting.

Example shoot.

FYI: you should use the html img tag in post to show a thumbnail.

Weekly Challenge Rules:
1: Image must relate to topic ("loosely related is ok too").
2: Image had to be taken after the topic as posted. No Older images
3: Image has to be taken on a Sony Alpha A330.
4: Image must be added to Sony Alpha 330 User group pool,
5: Weekly Challenge ends and starts on Sunday of every week.
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Sorry no new candids to contribute.
Ryan Waughon 8 years ago
No new stuff either... Damn..
Redheat57 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Redheat57 (member) 8 years ago
Cat on a bin by Redheat57
Here is one from me. Hope candid enough, it was certainly unplanned.
thwphoto 8 years ago
Sorry...Only had architectural this week!
wonderful self [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by wonderful self (member) 8 years ago
I think I may not be giving enough time for everyone to participate.

I would like your input: Would you like to see Weekly or Monthly Challenges?

I will make my mind up 3/21/10 and we will go from there.

Also I will extend the end date of the current Challenge to 3/21/10 so that more of you can join in.
thwphoto 8 years ago
how about just best shot (whatever kind) of the week...no theme
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
You could consider letting people post at least 1 older shot from their stream. I'm lucky to get a decent shot per week in any motif let alone a specific one and I shoot almost every day... just a thought.

Weekly is nice though. Monthly if you post a style that someone doesn't shoot then they have a whole month to wait for a new topic. Too long IMO.

Maybe a new topic every week but keep them open for 2 full weeks? And allow one shot from the past just to drum up more participation.
Ryan Waughon Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ryan Waughon (member) 8 years ago
This is all I've got...
She was taking a shot of me (posed lol) and I just happen to snap one for the hell of it.

Redheat57 PRO 8 years ago
A monthly challenge would certainly have a bigger take up.
Blackriver Images Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Blackriver Images (member) 8 years ago
I guess I took one that fits the category finally :P Really just a snapshot though, no artistic value.

2010 Bok Kai Festival, Marysville, CA.
canadian red pepper 8 years ago
Hi, I am just wondering if this challenge is ongoing or if there will be a new one?
wonderful self [deleted] 8 years ago
Sorry guys work has been crazy and I have had no time for my self.

I will get things updated again soon.
Blackriver Images Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Blackriver Images (member) 8 years ago
I got one...

"Hey I said Candy not Candid!"
myriagon 8 years ago
rape by myriagon

my girlfriend rearranging her clothes
PIXELGRAFY Posted 8 years ago. Edited by PIXELGRAFY (member) 8 years ago
another ~ by PIXELGRAFY

is this could be considered? haha '' =P
Jonto81 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Jonto81 (member) 8 years ago
Putting this one in as this is the first time I have had a picture that loosely fits the title (be kind this was after 6 pints)

Stone Street by Jonto81

Guess the beer is still affecting me as I didn't see the date this closed :-s

Monthly for the competions is better - I work all week so getting a chance to get a photo and then post process it (not that I actually do that most times) means that I can generally not meet the criteria for the competion
alexwils Posted 8 years ago. Edited by alexwils (member) 8 years ago

My step-sister hates this one of her but I can't think of anything that fits under the title any better
Some-one-else 8 years ago
Let me think. So many memories. by Some-one-else

I've just joined this group, and though this photo doesn't fully comply with the rules (it was taken prior to the challenge being set) I wanted to enter it as it was totally Unplanded and very candid.

Hope thats okay!
expressionsby design 8 years ago
Mother and Baby
Groups Beta