disastrous ground [deleted] 11:12pm, 1 March 2010
Hello all

I have only had my Sony Alpha 330 since Christmas 09 and it is my first dslr. I am loving the experimenting and know that there is so much to learn which i am really excited about!

I would really appreciate any comments/advice on my photographs as its all part of the learning process for me...

Thanks for your time,

discreet basketball [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi LaUz1981, it seems a bit quiet in this Group, you might find the main Alpha group of more help, they're a friendly bunch ps congrats on the new camera, I've got the same.
discreet basketball [deleted] 8 years ago
Had a quick look at you photostream, love the people, candles and holiday set, really good eye for composition. To say you've only had your camera 2 months, your photo's are great.
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Yes it's quite here but... IMO the main Alpha group has more than it's share of augmentative little boys jumping up and down saying "look what I know, look what I know... aren't you impressed I know so much?"

Sad thing is they substitute opinion for fact too often heh.
disastrous ground [deleted] 8 years ago
So there is life in the group ;oP heh, thanks for your comments, i appreciate that.

Perhaps i'll try the Main Alpha group, although if its full of "knowitalls" its not much fun for beginners like myself..

We'll see.....
skillful side [deleted] 8 years ago
hey we got it around the same time :)
I hope i used mine more for outside photography,,i'll start that today :)
Jonto81 PRO 8 years ago
Got mine at the same time (santa was good) my first DSLR as well - best advice I was given by a friend is to just keep shooting take an item and shoot it at all the different settings to give you a feel of what all the settings do.

However looking at your photostream it certainly looks as though you know what you are doing with the camera anyway
Paula2m 8 years ago
Well, sounds like Santa had a chat with sony's guys...

Got mine at christimas too, but only started using on february...
Have few pictures with it, most of them are family/friends parties...

Really liked the pictures in the group, hope I can achieve the same level as the other users
wonderful self [deleted] 8 years ago
Welcome, LaUz1981.

If you have a specific question that may help you more then if you just ask for a general critic.

Also if your looking to sharpen your skills why not try out our weekly challenge? Some times I feel that if I have some boundary or subject it will help me gauge what I'm looking to achieve.

Also I would do my home work on lenses and what they do. You will find that the lens can be more important then the camera it's self.

hope you enjoy group.
- Josh
disastrous ground [deleted] 8 years ago
Thanks Josh, i will definitely take this on board, there's just soooo much to learn =) but thats the fun part!!

Also, tell me, im looking at getting Photoshop Elements, do you think this would be worth my while as a beginner?

wonderful self [deleted] 8 years ago
if you dont have much money Gimp is the way to go since it's free and a full image editing program.

Also there is a free version of photoshop via a flash site at adobe. This is good for basic editing. Basically what you would be getting with Element but free and online

But if you have the money get the full version of photo shop and don't spend it on Element
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