chance images 3:49am, 7 March 2010
I would appreciate any input on what would be a good buy for a wide angle lens. I sell real estate and need something that would give me a great room shot, particularly in smaller areas.

Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks. Lana
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Odds are you already have it. The 18-55mm kit lens will be great. It's not particularly fast so you will want to invest in a tripod... for the environments you'll be exposed to in real estate a cheap one should be more than enough.

Shoot at f/8 or f11 for max sharpness bump that into the higher apertures if you need a wider depth of field... Indoors at those apertures you will be looking at shutter speeds in the seconds so again a tripod will be necessary unless the room is very well lit.
chance images 8 years ago
Thanks for the input. it works ok, but I don't find it wide enough. I'll keep practicing with it though.
chance images 8 years ago
actually I was thinking of getting something like this. what do you think of it?
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Not sure really. For under 30 bucks I guess it's worth a shot but I'd look for some user reviews. I have to assume you'd be sacrificing some image quality and adding some barrel distortion.
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