Flash ?

Bartjuhhh 10:33pm, 15 February 2010
anyone known with this flash ???
sony hvl-f42am:
Bartjuhhh 9 years ago
nobody ?
Blackriver Images 9 years ago
I use the F42AM... did you just want general opinions?

The flash does not fit snugly on the A330 which really bothers me but all in all aside from that it's a great flash.

I really like the off camera ability of the flash which helps me forget about the poor fit.

If you look at the Sony web site you linked and check the Reviews you'll see my review under the same name.
Bartjuhhh 9 years ago
How did you coverd your int. flash from visible light ?
with your finger, some tape or....?

Is the mount very wobbly and fall's off of the camera or does it stay on
Blackriver Images 9 years ago
It's not "that" wobbly. But I'm used to having zero movement. Hard to explain but it just moves a little bit. For example to stop it from moving at all I had to lay down two layers of duct tape in the mount of the flash.

To block the light I just use whatever is around... yes sometimes even my finger. I almost never have to block the light... only in areas where the light can bounce around a lot.
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