Bartjuhhh 1:58pm, 28 February 2010

what kind of remote do u use for the alpha 330?
i saw this one : RMT-DSLR1

is this good for remote photography or only for remotly operate your cam with your tv
ßobby55 9 years ago
I use a Jianisi remote for sony, only £5.99 and works very well.
discreet basketball [deleted] 9 years ago
I have the same remote as Bob, does a great job for 5.99.
raymoo90 9 years ago
I have the RMT-DSLR1. The main function is to operate cam via your TV. There are 2 options for operating the shutter (a) instant shoot or, (b) with a 2 second delay.
It works fine indoors but I have yet to get it to fire outdoors.
It cost me 17.99 EUROS + P&P from
I use the photon, same price. Works great!
Lemon Tree Photos 9 years ago

having had my a330 for a while have only just got round to thinking about a remote for those long exposure's and noted there is no wired remote..can someone confirm it's not me being silly here ....also what remote would you recommend.

I have seen some hot shoe remote's but not so sure...and how do I make one work if I get one....dumb question but I am tired and don't know where my instruction booklet is.
raymoo90 9 years ago
You are correct JemimaJ24, there is no port for a wired remote on the a330.
I have the recommended RMT-DSLR1 (see above).I cant comment on any other make. Maybe others will advise on those
Bartjuhhh 9 years ago
Lol, my old Sony H50 Cybershot has a remote and works also with my Alpha 330 (just the shutter but that's all i needed anyway)
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