chance images 4:06am, 27 January 2010
Hey Everyone. I just recently purchased this lens and wanted to know if anyone else has any comments or suggestions about it. I bought it to replace my 18 - 55mm kit lens and an "everyday" lens. Anythoughts would be appreciated.
Blackriver Images Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Blackriver Images (member) 8 years ago
Sigma makes some really nice lenses no doubt. I personally have a small problem with the fact that Sigma and Tamron make the same lenses for Sony, Canon, and Nikon but charge the same for all 3 even though they don't have to put in any vibration reduction into the Sony lenses. In other words the Sony versions cost them less to make but they still charge the same... maybe it's just me but that bothers me. Even a 5% reduction would be nice.

I've personally never owned a Sigma lens but I've read several in depth reviews so I know they are quality. In fact, arguably, off brands like Tamron and Sigma have done more to expand the technology of the digital lenses made for APS-C sensors than the name brands. What Sony calls their DT line.

You should be seeing a substantial upgrade in most areas over your 18-55 kit lens. With the possible/probable exception of minimum focal length which should not be much of an issue at all. In short you should now be able to put your 18-55mm kit lens in a closet because your Sigma should do a better job at all focal lengths. Best to test just to be sure though... sometimes a lens can surprise you in a given situation.

Just food for thought... when I got my "Day lens" Walk around" etc... I looked at all ranges and brands. I went with the Sony DT 18-250mm and have not regretted it for one second. The image quality should be similar in your sigma but double the focal length can really allow you to get a much wider variety of shots. It is however about $250 more.

Just to be fair I've been accused of being too high on the 18-250mm but in all honesty no one that has criticized my high opinion of this lens has shot with it... so...

Your 18-125mm will be nice for landscapes and architecture toward the 18mm end and should provide enough zoom to shoot anything short of distant birds or sports... things in that range.

You should expect to see some significant "barrel" distortion when shooting at 18mm but thats to be expected.

I spend tons of time reading about lenses of all shapes, sizes and quality from older Minolta lenses to Carl Ziess lenses into the thousands so feel free to ask via flickr mail.
chance images 8 years ago
Thanks very much for the insight and comments. So far, it's given me some great images and a lot quicker focus. I just wish I had more time to spend taking pics instead of working... LOL.
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