Blackriver Images 8:40am, 28 December 2009
I looked at the pools for other cameras in the same class/level. Namely the Nikon D5000 and the Canon Xsi (Rebel 450). And I have to say the A330 group is putting out consistently nicer work :P I think maybe it's because more Sony A330 users researched what the wanted and arrived at a good choice and entry level Canon and Nikon users got their cameras because its what the masses have done for years. Sony has not made a name for itself in DSLR's yet... yet...
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Not to mention every Target and Bestbuy sales person who wants to sound like they know what their talking about, but doesn't, will undoubtedly flaunt the Canons and Nikon's because Sony is the new kid on the block.
J. Vincent Oliver 8 years ago
Never give in to the establishment as I would say... that's why I'm proud to be an owner of a Alpha 330... and for it to be my first DSL-R, I say I'm satisfied. I had researched the 330 heavily for a least a whole month. What I really needed, since I'm not a pro, is a camera that I can understand and operate, like a cyber- shot, but advanced enough for me to do more and learn new techniques... well, they already had me on the tilt lcd screen.
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Yes I agree... the A330 is a perfect camera for exactly how your described. It can be used as a point and shoot with the flexibility of being able to add different lenses. And it also has the adjust-ability to grow.

I shot 35mm film for years but the A330 is my first dSLR. Now sadly I think I've become so addicted to how easy dSLR's make it that I've shot so much I'm now already itching to move to a more advanced camera. I've been eyeballing the A700 for a while but have been trying to wait for it's replacement since the A700 is a 2007 body. I've even been looking at the A850 but the timing is bad since my job is seasonal and winter is when my income is cut in half... heh.

In the mean time I'm very happy with the A330... it really exceeded my expectations. The one and only area that it seems to be inferior to the equivalent Canon and Nikons is noise beyond ISO 800. In truth though this suits me fine... because I hate shooting beyond 800 ISO. Regardless of how "good" your camera is over 800 ISO it's still a compromise that I hate to make. I'd rather shoot at 400 and try to bring out the shadow detail with photoshop or not shoot at all.

Anyway I'm rambling as usual...

Enjoy that A330.
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