Hi World!

ssammuelll 12:31pm, 27 November 2009
I´m a begginer user. A330 ´s my first slr camera.

Greetings for Everyone.
Ryan Waughon 9 years ago
Hello and ditto.
raymoo90 9 years ago
I'm a newbie too.
Hope you enjoy.
wonderful self [deleted] 9 years ago
This is a great camera your gonna have a good first experience.
Luiza Meireles 9 years ago
Hi, I'm a begginer with DSRL too. I used Sony H10, Nikon P50 and Nikon FM2 (SRL film).

Happy Holidays!
Jonto81 PRO 9 years ago
Noob here as well - just got my 330 for christmas, was using a £60 point and shoot from Tesco before - going to be going click happy with this now :-)
yumi-chan desu~ 8 years ago
Hello everyone, like some of you i don't have any previous experience with professional photography.I just like taking photos of anything random & with that i wanted to learn more,so probably you can help me out if it isn't too much to ask for.I just got my Sony DLSR A330 last x-mas 2k9 as a gift from my dad.So there, Have a happy day & be safe! :)
Blackriver Images 8 years ago
Howdy... fantastic first DSLR. Along with the A500 the two camera's I'd recommend to anyone asking me what would be the best first dSLR in the range.
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