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Vít Hassan 12:04pm, 17 January 2006
Hi all my friends!
(This topic is nothing new,but in a new group..)

Where are you from and where are you right now?
I am from Czech republic-Prague,my fathers family is from Sudan and now I am living in Khartoum,Sudan. Vit

Sunset somewhere in Eastern Sudan...
(101 to 141 of 141 replies)
▲Emmerge 12 years ago
.i'm Octavio and i'm from Argentina... my english sucks, and i live in La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires

Milapsinh Jadeja 12 years ago
Hi group,
This is Milapsinh jadeja from Ahmedabad, India.
radiant guy PRO 12 years ago
I am Bashar from Kuwait.
AnneliesW 12 years ago
Hi everyone!
My name is Annelies...
I live in the southern part of The Netherlands.
See you in Something DifferenT and in Flickr!
minnieminnmin Posted 12 years ago. Edited by minnieminnmin (member) 12 years ago
I'm an Chinese American. From NYC!!! =]
ayoye PRO 12 years ago
Hello Vit
I was borned in Verdun and lived there for a while then went living in Montreal. After that i lived in California for some years and spent a year in Victoria. Right now i live in Nanaimo BC.
laSilvi 12 years ago
I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Saludos.
Ravages 12 years ago
I am from Chennai, India
Caro~in~FL 12 years ago
Born and raised in France (a few places there, but mostly Provence). Now residing in Florida, USA after living 3 years in Colorado and 1 in Wisconsin, same US of A. I also lived in Ireland for 8 months, by Dublin. Nice to be here :)
Siddheart 12 years ago
Born and raised in India, Now I live in labelle, Florida since three years.
myjuditz ( on Hubble ) 11 years ago
Born in Bucharest, Romania - still living here.
Don't know for how long...
Nadine1016 11 years ago
hi all

San Francisco Bay Area
Semmi PRO 11 years ago
Hello Vítku,

We are both from the Czech Republic, don't we? :D
Born in Prague, Paris Street
Franc Le Blanc .Ben ziek ! PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Franc Le Blanc .Ben ziek ! (member) 11 years ago
I am from the Netherlands. Ilive in the south, in Drunen
cactusbones PRO 11 years ago
Vit, great group.

Born in Phoenix Arizona USA, Seattle, New York, now living in London for four years. Istanbul is next...
Dietmar Temps PRO 11 years ago
Hello Vit, hello all ...

I live in Cologne, Germany .. I was born in Bavaria, near the Alpes. Don't know exactly where I'll go next ..

this is really a great group,
Hi from Marco in Malta!
labels_30 11 years ago
Hi everyone from Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Iris_2002 11 years ago
Hello all,
I am from Romania
Sanyuktaa 11 years ago
Born and brought up in Rajasthan mainly Jaipur, India. Now residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India from last 4 years. Have been to most of the parts of India :)
Gali Roze 11 years ago
i'm from Israel, Tel Aviv.
jennybowker PRO 11 years ago
I am Australian, trailing partner of a diplomat, and living in Cairo, Egypt. I visit Syria regularly, Libya occasionally and other countries in the region when I am lucky!

lemank 11 years ago
i'm russian, from moscow, live in miami suburbs for the last 12 years
Patricia Carmo 11 years ago
madriguera 11 years ago
hi! i'm half spanish, half british and i was born in morocco. i live in madrid, spain
ティモ ディマ 11 years ago
entrelec 11 years ago

I am Joel Dousset, from France.
Bob Duck 11 years ago

I'm from Toronto, Canada.
Olga Gerrard 10 years ago
(thanks for letting me join this group - I really love the pix in here).
I live in Los Angeles, but it's not where I am from. (do not like this city much). Born in San Francisco, lived happiest in New York City.
mathteacher... 8 years ago
Love that I was invited to & accepted into this group.....lots of great images. From Seattle, now living near Galveston in the humidity all year round....ugh!
beverleyplaya PRO 6 years ago
o0o thanks for the invite to the group ... its great ...its different ...
I'm Bev from the UK ... oOo
Anand Dhakan 6 years ago
hi all,
m from Mumbai, India, but a ctizen of the world.
its great to be a part of this "something different " group..cheers.
Hi Vit

And thanks goes to Bluerose for the invite for my picture Water Sculpture, [https://www.flickr.com/photos/rothwell172/7721354958/].

My name is David and am currently studying fine art and photography, I have to say am enjoying my art again, and will look forward to meeting, commenting and awarding other works.

I'm from Manchester in the UK.
Anne*° Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Anne*° (member) 5 years ago
Hi everyone ! I'm from Belgium, born in Brussels and living in Wallonie, the south french part of the country but I'm a citizen of the world. Sorry for my bad english !
I'm happy to join this group !
v.a.l.i.s._nicola 5 years ago
grahammorgan [deleted] 5 years ago
Hello! I'm a Scouser from Liverpool England.
unclebobjim PRO 5 years ago
Now Retired, born and raised in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK; now living in Woburn Sands in Bedfordshire UK for the past 30 years.
FotocamG 5 years ago
I am from Caracas, Venezuela, my parent's family is from Colombia and now I am living in Bogotá, Colombia.
bamaco PRO 4 years ago
Hi everybody,
I'm from Montréal, Québec, Canada
I am Italian and live in Italy. I have posted a photo just now but am a bit shy because I have seen great photografic works here.
Well, que sera sera
!fatima 4 years ago
Greetings from California. I'm Fatima.
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