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LucisPictor - www.RetroCamera.de says:

It's not at all easy to match Soligor serial numbers to certain manufacturers. (It's much easier with Vivitar lenses BTW.)

But this seems to be kind of reliable due to intensiev research of some lens enthusiasts at MFLenses (Thanks!):

Soligor Codes

1 = Tokina
2 = Sun
3 = Sun
4 = Sun
5 = ??? (perhaps Samyang)
6 = Komine
7 = Sun
8 = ???
9 = Kino
31 = ??? *
A = Komura #
H4 = Kawanon ? #
H5 = Komine #
H6 = Komine #
H7= Tokina #
H37 = Kawanon? #
M = ??? #
N = ??? #
R = ??? #
T = Tamron #

Code system. First number = Maker.
Second number = Decade
Third number = Year

*Six digit lens date code unknown.

# Letter code lens date code unknown.

"H" prefix brands:
Lentar / Focal / Soligor / Sun / Vemar

Soligor lenses were alse branded and sold as:

Reflex, Super Carenar, Prinzflex, Weltblick, Mirage, Infotar, Hanimar, Flexar, Elicar,Derek Gardenar, Porst and possibly Bushnell (Bausch & Lomb ), J.C. Penny, Pallas, Berroflex and Aetna.

(Source: MFLenses.com)

Deep link: forum.mflenses.com/soligor-12-8-f28mm-21and-versions-t308...
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rick_oleson says:

Based on that key, my 200/2.8 was made by Sun in 1978 - which seems pretty believable....
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k mount deano says:

Thank's for the info
lt looks like my 300mm f5.6 C/D lens was made by Tokina in 1978.
A nice sharp and compact lens it is as well.
116 months ago (permalink)

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kanondiva says:

Thanks, this helps!!!
My 300mm is a Tokina and it's from 1967, so same year as my F. Cool!
110 months ago (permalink)

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zedex99 says:

Great info. Thank-you. My 75-260 was made by Tokina in 1971
110 months ago (permalink)

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KPetsas says:

Hmmm. I have a huge Soligor "telephoto lens 600mm f8.0" with a serial starting from 9, but I have read somewhere it could have been made by Kawanon. I doubt Kino made such lenses.
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Logos: The Art of Photography says:

My Soligor 135mm 1:28 SN is H66398
58 months ago (permalink)

even truck [deleted] says:

My Soligor 350mm F5.6 (SN: H67913) appears to be made in 1967 by Komine. It was purchased several years ago for $20 at an estate sale. I use it only for astrophotography. It produces 'point' star images almost out to the extreme borders. Of course I crop off the outer part:) I posted a photo of the Andromeda Galaxy to the group.
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aardvark19612000 (ken cork) says:

cant see my Soligor 28mm f2.8 fitting in to this system no: 2772576 (or could be i'm just being bit thick lol) its Minolta SR mount MC series it works very well on my Sony A7M2
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Rattus Yu says:

Soligor MC 24mm f/2.8, the serialstarts with 8... who?
42 months ago (permalink)

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Rattus Yu says:

Rattus Yu:

Looking at the font, could be a Kino?
42 months ago (permalink)

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Steve InMichigan says:

I just acquired a Soligor 135mm f/3.5 with serial No. M170573. From some research; I believe it was manufactured by Tokina. Out of the lenses I have in this focal length this one is small physically compared to the others. I have no idea what camera mount that came with it and none of my adapters will fit it. Fortunately it has a T mount thread and I have ordered an adapter to fit my Canon EOS. There is no filter or lens cap and I think it has a 46mm filter thread; but would appreciate if someone could let me know if this is correct or not? Once the lens adapter arrives I will try some test shots.
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lignesbois says:

According to the indications given at the top of the page, my Wide-Auto 35mm F2.8 lens should have been manufactured by Tokina in 1971.
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The lens profile says:

I have This lens (H6xxx) and it is branded Tokina: allphotolenses.com/lenses/item/c_426.html#prettyPhoto

Tokina Tele-Auto 200mm 1:3.5

Tokina Tele-Auto 200mm 1:3.5

Tokina makes their own glass (Pentax coöperation is from a much later date and even then they manufactured the Pentax designs themselves). So either H6x is Tokina or serial numbering is not consistent.
19 months ago (permalink)

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Hello from Catalonia
My new toy Soligor CD Zoom Macro 28-80mm 1:3.3-4.5
Made by Sun on 1983.
Originally posted 3 months ago. (permalink)
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