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  • How are you able to make a really small pinhole?

    I am wondering how to make the smallest pinhole possible because I am using film...

    jameshyde44416 months ago1 replies

  • Who need Laser drilled Pinhole?

    I've used to order laser drilled pinholes for my cameras. If you are interest...

    Olivérnagy19 months ago3 replies

  • Different paper – different colour?

    Hello, when I had started to build pinhole cameras for solargraphy, I used Teten...

    Dirk Ahrens21 months ago7 replies

  • You can give some advice on how to make solargraphy?

    Hello everyone, I groped to record the movement of the sun, but do not know whic...

    Gianluca Belgrado Astronomy32 months ago0 replies

  • Paper question

    Hello everyone, did anyone have any experience with the papers below please? Unf...

    PanoramicTom36 months ago3 replies

  • What could it be?

    I don't know what are the lines, they look like light-painting ... If you...

    ckwww36 months ago2 replies

  • Fixing

    Guys, I recall someone asking if you could fix a solargraph. well I can conf...

    Abhiks39 months ago2 replies

  • From Barcelona

    Un saludo a toda esta comunidad desde Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona. Encantado de ...

    Manel O. Company41 months ago0 replies

  • Solargraphy APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

    Hi Solargraphy friends, I gladly announce that NASA choose my Equinox cube bo...

    Olivérnagy43 months ago1 replies

  • Fixing

    Guys, I recall someone asking if you could fix a solargraph. well I can conf...

    Abhiks44 months ago0 replies

  • Trouble finding paper

    Hey folks, Just wondering where you get most of your photography paper? I am ...

    oli_grinter44 months ago7 replies

  • Undeveloped paper (Best results)

    Hello everyone, Today I have built my first pinhole camera - from a beer can....

    Andrei Raskolnikov44 months ago4 replies

  • what photo paper???

    What photo paper do you use? Do some produce better results than others??? I ...

    michaelnightmare44 months ago12 replies

  • Film canister vs beer can vs other

    Hi guys, I've just joined flickr. I finally caved and signed up to a yahoo ac...

    rob_shoots_film46 months ago1 replies

  • Solargraph in a window?

    I've just placed a solargraph in a very high window on the sill inside my house ...

    Kiwi princess 7647 months ago6 replies

  • Solargraph scanning issue - brightness varies

    I recently got into solargraphy but am having issues with my scanner creating a ...

    Markus Derrer54 months ago2 replies

  • Selfmade Paper with Lumi Inkotype - Does it work?

    The answer is: Yes, it does. I put the Inkotype on a sheet of printer photopap...

    hutschinetto55 months ago0 replies

  • Has anyone ever used color paper for a solargraph?

    I know a lot of people are amazed by the colorful solargraphs that result from B...

    Andy Priest58 months ago9 replies

  • Pinhole size

    Guys, What size pinholes do you use with each can type. For some reason I alw...

    Abhiks58 months ago2 replies

  • Solargraphy friends!

    Hello, just wish to say what a very helpful and knowledgeable group this is, alw...

    PanoramicTom59 months ago0 replies

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