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naugastyle ADMIN October 12, 2015
NOT FOR PORTRAITS OR TRAVEL PHOTOS (w/ rare exceptions). When submitting an essay, submit it all at once. Many images in the very bloated queue have no context, and no admin has time to check individual streams. If you have images from a series in the queue that are not making it through, delete and resubmit. Unclear about Social Documentary? Look here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._Eugene_Smith.

Group Description

Social documentary photography is concerned photography. It exhibits critical thinking, and often shows the lives of underprivileged or disadvantaged people.

This group aims for high quality images. Sometimes an important topic that isn't conveyed well might be rejected. Sometimes a smaller, personal story that is photographed beautifully will be featured. Provide context to your images and show your top skills. Think before you submit to our very bloated queue.

To maintain quality, pool may be culled from time to time.

Assign yourself a documentary project today; it's a great way to learn more about your subject, your world, and yourself.

Things We Like & Encourage

* Newbies and Hobbyists. It's ok to learn, share and ask for advice here. We desire to be an inclusive community.

* Images that capture context and present new insights. Share something unexpected. Preview an essay or personal project you've been working on. Spend some time on your captions, set the stage for what you're trying to present.

Group Rules

Please read and abide by the guidelines for this group:

* This group is for social documentary images only. Images that do not fall within this category will not be included in the group pool.

* Images are moderated with a limit of 12 per month per user.

* Please contribute only what you consider to be your best work.

* Images without captions and/or context will be rejected.

* Please refrain from contributing traditional protest or social action photography. Please consider that good social documentary illustrates other aspects of a subject's life.

* This group does not wish to accept or promote photography that does not respect the subjects or situations depicted. In practice, this means that one-off shots depicting homeless or impoverished people, crime or accident victims without context or implied consent are likely to be rejected.

This is not a group for the following types of imagery:

Landscape/Scenery (Pastoral Scenes, Sunsets, Waterfalls)
Street Photography (Graffiti, Crowds, Person Crossing Street)
Event Coverage (Concerts, Press Conferences, Etc.)
Portraiture (Posed, Self, Family Snaps, Your Friends)
Branded/Framed Images or Illustrations

This is not a group for the following types of discussion topics:

Blatant Self-Promotion
Camera Weenies, Trolls

Additional Info

  • Members can post 12 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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