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Group Description

Smoke & Mirrors (Level 1 - Light Up!) - Post 1, Award 2


This group is about the art of smoke photography and digital manipulation of smoke photos. Our goal is to promote the development, understanding and appreciation of smoke photography.

All submissions must be based on photos of actual smoke , not digital art. Photos of smoke can be manipulated in any fashion, such as smoke rings, symmetrical designs, colored smoke, etc. Although other objects may be present in the photo, smoke must be featured prominently in the photo. Please DO NOT post pictures of people smoking. Also please do not post shots of reflections or mirrors that have no smoke in the picture.

You must Award 2 photos for every one you post in the pool.
Please see AWARD/COMMENT and INVITE Codes Below


This is a three step group:

Smoke & Mirrors (Level 1 - Light Up!)
Smoke & Mirrors (Level 2 - Smoketastic!)
Smoke & Mirrors (Level 3 - Smokin'credible!)

#21 Week 05/26/13
"Purgatory" by MikeDocherty


Please see Discussion Thread
2013 Archive of all the Picks of the Week


Here are your winners for Pick of the Year 2012. CONGRATULATIONS ALL!


"Baubles" by Psycho_Babble



"Sun Flower" by Mike Docherty

Sun Flower


"Lady of the Lake" by NafLeNaf

Lady of the lake


"Smoke Flower" by NafLeNaf
Smoke flower

"Spider" by EMQUE

"Smokescape" by AmieLeBlanc

"Red Wine Smoke Art" by Durga Parmar
Red Wine Smoke art

"Blooming Smoke" by Durga Parmar
Blooming smoke_________________________________________________________________

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Your admins:
Mike Docherty
Steve Purnell


Please award 2 pictures in the group pool for every one you post.

Copy and paste the following after your comment:

From below this line_____________________________________________

<b>This Photo is Smokin'! <b>
<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="200" alt="smoke star" /></a>
Seen in <a href="">Smoke & Mirrors</a></b></b>
<b>If you receive 5 or more awards please post it <a href="">here</a></b></b> <b>

To above this line_______________________________________________

It should appear as:

This Photo is Smokin'!
smoke star
Seen in Smoke & Mirrors
If you receive 5 or more awards please post it here


Copy and paste the following to invite a photo:

From below this line_____________________________________________

<b>This Photo is Smokin'! <b>
<a href=""><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Bejeweled" /></a>
Please post it to <a href="">Smoke & Mirrors</a></b></b>

To above this line_______________________________________________

It should appear as:

This Photo is Smokin'!
Please post it to Smoke & Mirrors

Group Rules

1. This is a family friendly group. Offensive and tasteless photos will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. Only pictures rated "public" are accepted and Admins and Moderators reserve the right to remove any image deemed unacceptable for whatever reason and without reference to the particular member concerned. Since the content of this group is about smoke photos, there is obviously no place for nudity (I'm not sure how that's possible, but leave it to someone to prove me wrong)

2. After posting your image, please comment on ANY 2 photos in the pool using the group's comment code below. Award sweeper is active. Want to contest your ban for not awarding? Contact administration we will put your request to a vote.

3. When joining please consider inviting at least one person to the group.

4. No reposting images, do not delete and repost photos to keep them in the front pages this will get you removed or banned from the groups.

5. You can only post 2 pictures per day.

6.Disrespect of Administration, Staff or Members is not tolerated and you may be banned.

7. Awards from accounts with no photos will not count and the use of fake accounts for awards to get ahead will earn an instant ban.

8. Harassing or rude comments could earn you an instant and permanent ban from all the groups. Anyone who feels they have been given a comment that is inappropriate needs to leave the comment on their photo and contact an Administrator ASAP so we may view the comment and take the appropriate action needed. If you delete the comment so we cannot view it there is nothing we can do. No one should be harassed in our groups. The victim will remain anonymous to the accused.

This is a group that is meant to be fun! Please join us and lose yourself in the magic of the world of smoke photography.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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