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Hannah Hoch?

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c.chu94 says:

Is there a photo of Hannah Hoch's 'Cut with a kitchen knife' on here?
Apparently there is one with details of all the different figures in the collage?
1:18PM, 11 May 2014 PST (permalink)

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profzucker is a group administrator profzucker says:

Sadly, flickr seems to have removed the great annotation feature that was so valuable and was one of the reasons I was originally attracted to flickr as a platform. Thus the Hoch annotation is no more.
69 months ago (permalink)

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Theo K says:

Hi Steven - I've just discovered today the 'notes' feature is back on Flickr. Just tested it here flic.kr/p/JATpL6

I've also just 'discovered' the Smarthistory. I'm hoping to contribute. I suspect the notes feature could prove a valuable tool for the group. You have the option of whether to allow other members to add notes or just yourself on your own photos. Hope this may be of interest. Cheers; Theo.
42 months ago (permalink)

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cstrummer says:

What a bummer! As a teacher, that would be invaluable. Yikes!
23 months ago (permalink)

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