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AvaHeart - An off-season project

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isfullofcrap says:


AvaHeart by Burke Benoir
For Relay For Life
“It’s what’s inside that counts…”

A different heart for every occasion and obsession, to express your deepest hopes and desires.

You can wear it in your chest…
You can pin it to your sleeve…
You can put it up on a shelf…
You can keep it under glass…

There are a wide variety of hearts available now, ranging from hearts of ice to hearts with picture frames to keep that special someone close wherever you go.

Other artists are invited to try their hand at crafting hearts that express their hopes and dreams and fears, and they will be showcased and made available as the project continues.

Benefit runs from January 14 through March 31. After April Fools day, it’s gone, Poof!

An artist’s reception is tentatively scheduled for February 1 at 5:00PM SLT, which will include some 100 word stories by R. Crap Mariner that were inspired by the project.

8:32AM, 13 January 2012 PDT (permalink)

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