CallieDel Boa- in and out... 3:15pm, 19 May 2008
I would love to have the time to look at each and every photo stream in flickr and especially those related to Virtual Worlds and Second Life. Honestly I just don’t.

Blondes of Second Life has been very successful and can be found here:

For you Raven Hair Studs & Beauties check this out ->

Are you a Model?

Designers have noticed a lot of you posting to flickr and have started up their own groups, although I’ll be adding more of the ones I don’t administer or moderate for now share Ambergris Designs, (everything from vintage to steampink to sexy), here:

Freda designs clothing in her first life. Elegant and sophisticated her clothing is timeless. Share her designs in both worlds here:

Petal Meg’s Blossoms adorn both worlds, if you love wearing flowers her jewelry is made from the finest hand pressed. And what better time of year then Spring to see Blossoms? Share your pictures here:

Do you love Summertime? All that goes with it? Boating, pools, or just being a Demi-God or Goddess? Here are some groups to share:

Perhaps you like art, humor and theatre. If this is your niche check out these groups and share your experiences:

Finally we have the real side to Second Life. How to use it, how we help in the Physical Life or help those transition to the emerging future of Virtual Worlds and Business that takes place in them. Second Life is Real Life. It is not a game although there are games and role playing. Business, Charity, Statements, and the people who devote their time to helping you learn, as well as the evolving changes that happen in this Metaverse can be found here;

Enjoy your tour and share you work!
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