Art is also Real

CallieDel Boa- in and out... 4:11pm, 5 June 2015
Some of the images that cross this group are truly art. A major part of what is real is sharing our souls. Art defines this.

Please do not advertise or offer a link to a blog or website rather than putting a load of credits on your image.

We don't want to discard anything that is artistic because of advertising. There are plenty of groups for that.

Thank you to all who share their work and add to the beauty of the world.
erp_wyatt 2 years ago
Use your illusion

From countless conversations on how we perceive, interact, react...secondlife is not limited to one view, which in my opinion makes this medium valuable to the human condition. Just as much as twitter, and social media have released the binds of certain countries on their citizens by allowing them to express themselves without vile consequence. secondLife frees 'us' up to test waters on a global scale, or make epic mistakes, or sit in the middle of a vast virtual ocean gently rocking in our sail boat...or whatever.

If we speak of reality, any reality is a simple fact. Art is not bound by reality, physics, mathematics, good manners, or power hungry fascists. Control is an illusion, reality is an artifact. For example, advertising is a form of control.
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