Beethie 2:55pm, 17 September 2009

I think it's amazing how SL can help people "come back" to their offline life. Someone I talked to told me how she after a tough period in her life, being burnt out, started to recover after joining SL.
This, I think, is one aspect of how SL is real.

Does anyone got similar experiences of being helped by SL to cope with the physical life?
I would like to hear about it, or any comments about this.
Yes, I had severe depression for almost a year after losing my job, almost losing my home, suing the company for wrongful dismissal and winning eventually to go back to work. Yay.

Those 10 months where I was almost a recluse.. well.. I think I would have lost my sanity, had it not been for SL. The people I *met* and talked to, and still do 2 years later either still on SL (yes you die hards, you know who you are lol) or by email still, even after leaving SL we keep in touch.

Those people not only kept me sane, but probably were responsible for getting me back *out there* into the real world.

Thank you, not only to my friends, but to probably everyone i spoke to, argued with, danced with, laughed with... SL is not just a *game* to some people, it is a lifeline. It is a place where you can hide in for a while until it is safe to venture out again.

To end this story, I have my home still.. and i now have my own business. I still go into SL every day if I can and I still have fun.

And I'm still mostly sane LOL.
Ze Moo Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ze Moo (admin) 8 years ago
Great, thanks for sharing this! It is one of the things this group is about.
SweetMunster Pearl 8 years ago
I am amazed at the similarities in Xafira's story and my own. SL is almost like a recouperation home for people on the brink of breakdown or indeed in the middle of one. I did not know I was having what clinical psychologists would percieve as a breakdown until I read a blog of another SL resident who was going through the same as me. I think SL is a life line and is very real and necessary for the majority of people who actually live in it. In my mind I activly 'live' or exist in SL so to me it is real, very real.
Lyyric Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Lyyric (member) 8 years ago
Second life became my real life as my marriage of 31 years started collapsing due to a real life extramarital affair. Second life gave me back everything real life was taking from me. My gorgeous 5 bedroom home in Las Vegas, my brand new car, my Louis Vuitton bag, my tai chi classes, my music events my shopping without worry. Second life brought back the color the beauty and the love that real life was choking out. Real life was full of tears and lawyer speak and dividing all the things I thought were mine forever. In Second life, I met a very wonderful man who through his real life loss and pain became my online therapist, life coach, lifeline and heart line. Second life gave me back... me. Second Life is Real. My online friendship became a real life, long distance, relationship, which grew into a very warm and fulfilling partnership in real life and second life. We met four years ago on April Fools Day in second life, and now share a home in real life and we are still celebrating what second life gave us!
wnbaballer54 8 years ago
Some amazing stories, Don't have any tragic life story which SL has helped me with, just lucky I guess, I just enjoy being online found some really nice clubs and some really nice people there even met one of my SL friends in RL I going to invite him to a party soon RL not SL.
Ticklemeorange 8 years ago
Second Life was therapy for me, as I made my way back from depression stemming from divorce and the death of several people I loved.

It has taken a little over 2 years, but I've found myself again. I used SL as a medium to express my feelings, usually through machinima. I used Flickr as a diary. I now have a new stream as a symbol of rebirth. The cool thing is, I will continue to play SL, as it allows me creative expression like nothing else ever will:)
Ticklemeorange 8 years ago
Oh, and I so enjoyed reading the stories above!
Riri Kim 6 years ago
it is real in the opposite way too.. someone i talked to everyday for months suddenly disappeared the day before my finals at school this june. i never heard from that person again. the effect it had on rl was just as intense as if someone in rl would have gone missing.
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