Ze Moo 4:10am, 6 November 2007
I just watched the first part of a very interesting documentary series on BBC Four: "VISIONS OF THE FUTURE"

Second Life is also explored for a bit and the show predicts online 3D virtual worlds to become as important in the real world as 'e-mail'.

However, in the language used sometimes, it still makes it seem as if the 'real' world is seperate from virtual worlds. One scientist even spoke about 'Virtual-Reality AND REAL-Reality'

But on the website accompanying this series, I see a hopefull quote:

"how virtual worlds will become so realistic that they will rival the physical world. "

So here they fortunately use the word 'physical' instead of 'real'.

This documentary episode 1. " THE INTELLIGENCE REVOLUTION" is repeated Wednesday 7 November 8pm-9pm (UK time)

BBC 4 is available all over the UK on digital TV. And all over Western Europe Free To Air on satellite.
And for example in the Netherlands also on digital cable tv. (but thats not for free)

If anybody knows when this is repeated again, or broadcasted on any other TV channels, or available for download anywhere, please post and link it here.
Thanks for the update Ze and the link. Keeping people informed is a service in itself!
It's happening now! Cool move Ze, Cantal, SaveMe, Cristos and everyone else involved!

Here is the youtube video from the play Eh, Oh, an adaptation of Eh, Joe by Samuel Beckett.

It can also be viewed at random times at Meta.Live.Nu in full.
Ze Moo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ze Moo (admin) 10 years ago
And here it is! Thanks to Khannea Suntzu who just gave me this link in SL chat!:

Watch it now:
Albion Spitteler 10 years ago
very interesting, i enjoyed it, thanks for the link
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