traffic lights

Wermut (Chuckles) PRO 9:40pm, 7 June 2005
3 minutes @ f22 - Canon 10D with 70-200 zoom.
Raining, night, traffic lights.
Traffic Lights 2
Did the rain help or hinder this image?
fakestar 12 years ago
3 minutes or seconds? :)I got one very similar. 3 sec @ f2.8, same...rainy night and traffic lights:

Rafael Peñaloza 12 years ago
These both look very good. Need to try this as soon as I get my new camera :P
boonerodriguez 12 years ago
Hey i have one like that too. Hmm. It's backed up somewhere on a disk. But it's amazing how similar those two are. !

Thanks for the Invite Fakestar. Cool group.
Wermut (Chuckles) PRO 12 years ago
@fakestar ~
3 minutes!
Black, black night, low traffic entering Grass Valley from Nevada City.
fakestar 12 years ago
wow 3 min!
My digital camera is 15 seconds :/

I wish to take some "B" with my old Pentax K1000 manual camera.

I bought a shutter cable today :)
heres a couple of mine.
4 sec @f3.7
oops i did it again...

8 sec. @f8
robotbraden 12 years ago
i like the rainy ones kinda hides/washes away the dirty windshield effect that you can see in mine.
Srta Gisa 11 years ago
wow. nice colors b_unit. really like the red and green. :)
sallymillsbrown 9 years ago
helped helped helped.
i think it's great.
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