Gillian 0_0 2:26am, 28 January 2012
Hi everyone!
So I'm just a newbie learning how to take decent pictures using film cameras. Started fiddling with my dad's old rangefinders and then found that an SLR allows for more creativity and I'm loving it! Currently using an old Pentax MV1 which is working well. =)

But as I'm Flickr-ing I find myself wanting to get another film camera!! >.< (You know the feeling?) I'm envious of the beautifully square photos of the medium format TLRs, but those will be out of my price range (no more than $250 body and a lens) and my 'skills' are not deserving of one as of yet.

I'm still learning about shutter speeds, aperture etc., so I would like something like a manual focus camera with program options like the Canon A1, which I've read good things about...

Any thoughts about how I should be going about learning film photography? (ie. Master using my current SLR before investing in another?)
knapjack 6 years ago
Hey Gillian,

If you're not familiar with the relationships between aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, and motion blur, this is an excellent start:

Beyond that, just follow your heart. You can pick up books on subject, light and composition (whether they're about photography or about art in general), but you'll know when you take a good shot, and the more you shoot the better at it you'll be. If you're lucky, you'll meet people along the way who will give you fair criticism and good advice, but experience is a great teacher.

Best of luck!
Gillian 0_0 6 years ago
A much belated thank you for your advice!
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