daffie @ flickr 6:24am, 2 June 2008
Anyone also likes swirl bokeh (or cat's eye effect: here?

Which lens do you use and can you post an example please?

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My autocord does the job mildly... slightly better if I use close-up filters:

ballz in a whirl
*laky PRO 10 years ago
i think a few of Kestra_400's lenses produces swirl bokeh.

See "speedo" and "love circles" in his stream.
lovelyivan PRO 10 years ago

Sigma 70-200 F2.8 HSM~
nilcyttocs 10 years ago
a spinning wall... but i suppose you've seen this one already... : )

lock up the wall

check out moaan's works for more swirl bokeh...
timothy* Posted 10 years ago. Edited by timothy* (member) 10 years ago
link 404's ...


canon ae1 program . fd 50 1.4

something like this?
filtran Posted 10 years ago. Edited by filtran (member) 10 years ago
I think you mean like this:

stock market crash (pre/édiction) d'un krach boursier

or this:
extraterrestrial currency crash

OM2N with zuiko 50mmf1.4
*laky PRO 10 years ago
not sure if this is swirl bokeh or more like oil painting bokeh..

happy dog
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
wow, thanks all~~~
those are all lovely pictures!!! :)

i love the swirls, they are beautiful !!
jolooow 10 years ago
here's my share:

swirl bokeh
hiphop bob Posted 10 years ago. Edited by hiphop bob (member) 10 years ago
are you talking about that?

kiad can be quite cool

shot with my leica IIIc / summitar 5cm.
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
Hi Jolo,

Hmm... that's some crazy balls there, but not exactly the swirl/spinning bokeh that I'm referring to though... yet nice pic! Thanks!

> Jan
Wow, yes, that's some mad spinning going on behind!! :D
jolooow 10 years ago
ohh im sorry... i did get it wrong :(
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
oh, dearest dearest, that's lovely ballz in your pic, and i love them^^
parallel shoes [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by parallel shoes (member) 10 years ago
jan - thats some mad swirls !

i get swirls sometimes - usually happens when i'm shooting something very close up , this one is with a lomo lca ( f/2.8 )

Autumn headspin
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
i got my test shots by Helios 44M-2 back, and here's one of them:

shoe got stuck into my GX
hiphop bob 10 years ago
yeah, the good ol' helios

pnoid00 10 years ago
something like these perhaps?


daffie @ flickr 10 years ago


yummy OM swirls~~ :) 10 years ago

Rollei 6008 + 2.8/180mm
Summicron20/20 PRO 10 years ago
Sheryl in the Forest - Cazadero

Konica Hexar RF + 50mm Summicron Dual Range
L-bert 9 years ago
Brad Maestas PRO 9 years ago

Pre-focus half-swirl
50mm Summicron version III (1970) + Kodak BW400CN
Does this count?

Taken with Olympus OM10 standard Zuiko lens.

 by vespamore photography
daffie @ flickr 8 years ago
Hey guys, thanks for all the lovely shots!

I didn't know 50mm summicrons swirl !!
Gotta try my DR later. :)
berangberang 3 years ago
SAAB by berangberang

^ tower reflex 30 tlr

tree by berangberang

^Schneider Xenon 1.9/50
Groups Beta