daffie @ flickr 10:46am, 14 March 2008
Hey friends,

What's your coming target in mind?

Mine: Olympus OM Zuiko 55/1.2 lens

Yap, I've got myself an OM-2n just now. :)
Huen * 10 years ago
up coming target in mind...
I wanna buy one more close-up filter for my Yashica!!
I got a rolleinar no.1, and I guess there will have lots of fun using a no.3 (wahaha, can have super close-up photo!!)
timothy* Posted 10 years ago. Edited by timothy* (member) 10 years ago
im hunting for a v-system hasselblad ... didnt find the 'right' one
but im patient ... :*

also im looking for a fd 24 for my ae1 & try some velvia ...
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
Yeah Huen, I wanna buy a Rolleinar #2 for my rolleiflex too!! ;)

Hi timothy*, Hassy!!!!!!! My favourite!!!!
jolooow 10 years ago
Rolleiflex TLR & OM-2N for me :)
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
Jolo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D

good taste, man~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(praising myself at the same time, hohohohohoho~~~)
mondwind 10 years ago
I´m satisfied so far, because my last targets all became reality: a beattie intenscreen (split) for my bronica sq-a (amazing brightness!), a holga, an agfa box and a flash for my dynax 7d.

But I know my next projekt: building a tele-holga..hoho...My last projekts were 135mm film with holga and macro-holga (holga + three close up lenses and shooting butterflies). Wanna see some Holga Macro butterflies?
Huen * 10 years ago
wow, mondwind, I saw your photos taken by holga already, that's really GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
very impresive to use a Holga to take marco photos!!
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
mondwind, tele-holga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please tell us when you've done it~~~
i'm very eager to know!!! :D
lovelyivan PRO 10 years ago
Well, I spent all of my $$ in P645N.
So I think I won't buy anything in near future.
The next one is...Leica...ha ha. = =

Froghorn Leghorn Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Froghorn Leghorn (member) 10 years ago
I think for once I am pretty happy!

Got my OM4Ti with 24/2.8, 28/3.5, 40/2, 50/1.8 and 100/2.8. Maybe the 21/3.5 or 85/2 but I just cant quite seem to part with the cash having it pretty covered with the others. I think I'd be pretty happy with just the 24, 40 and 100mm if I had to choose.
daffie @ flickr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by daffie @ flickr (admin) 10 years ago
> ivan
Leica = drugs = $$$

Be an addict soon~~~!

> Adam
I wanna ask for your advice~~ :)

If I wanna buy a wide-angle for my OM-2n, is the Zuiko 28/2 better in performance than 35/2? I think 28mm is the widest choice for me as a start, for I don't seem to know how to use 25mm or wider. ^__^ (and you know, I love big apertures too.)
Froghorn Leghorn 10 years ago
Yip the 28/2 has a much better reputation than the 35/2. Supposed to be one of the sharpest Zuikos ever made! Also it takes 49mm filters like all the other 2.8s which is great! I have always wanted one but my sample of the 28/3.5 is really sharp and contrasty and I haven't quite managed to talk myself out of it!

I get the impression from everything Ive read that the 35/2 suffers from sample variation a lot. The 28/2 seems to consistantly get rave reviews.

You have probably been here already but if not its a good place to start.
Froghorn Leghorn 10 years ago
If you can find/afford one the 40/2 is my hands down favorite. It's almost a pancake lens and super sharp, smooth. It lives on my camera 90% of the time and makes for a compact set up with an OM body!
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
hi Adam,

Thanks for your great advice!!

I've read somewhere that the 40/2 is VERY expensive!!
(around US$900 or so?)
Hmmm... maybe too pricy for me at this stage :(

Well then, I'll set my target on 28/2! :)
Yet it's just not easy to find 2nd-hand mf zuikos in Hongkong...
my wishlist is getting longer~~~~haha~~
Froghorn Leghorn 10 years ago
The 40/2 shouldn't be that expensive!

Should easily be able to find one on ebay for half that amount! It's still quite a bit but it is a great lens! I picked mine up for about $399 I think.

(which still seemed a lot!)

The amount of use I have got out of it is worth it and I'm sure it will hold its value.

But I'm sure the 28f2 will be perfect! (and is probably better anyway if you prefer a wider angle). If you get one I'll be jealous!!

Thanks for all your great advice in the past.

Juan Pablo Aragon 10 years ago
I wish i can buy an old Mamiya C3.....i dream with her......but now i'm very happy with my 3 months old Yashica 635 and also playing with Qpobby plastic 110mm camera....

Thank you Daffie for creating this group !!

Regards from Peru !
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
HI Adam,

oh, I hope to get either of your recommended soon~~ but it seems not easy to find them at a reasonable price... i'll keep on looking^^

Hello dadodedos,

It's my pleasure!
I enjoy chatting with all the flickr friends here!!
Hope you can get your Mamiya soon!! :)
*laky PRO 10 years ago
After meeting up with HK flickr folks on friday, I want a 6x6 SLR. =) Eyeing a Rollei SL66 at the moment.
parallel shoes [deleted] 10 years ago
just bought a Voightlander bessa R3a rangefinder with a 12mm wide angle lens

next will probaly be a few lomo cameras , i want to do multiple exposures using 2 different cameras for the same roll of film

later in the year i will buy a bronica sq -a ... hopefully : )
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
Hi alex,
I thought you wanna have a Hassy?? ;)

Hello mr.analog,
> multiple exposures using 2 different cameras for the same roll of film
wow, looking forward to seeing your shots soon!!
*laky PRO 10 years ago
i checked out the prices and got a bit freaked. don't think i can get budget approval. =/

and the rollei sl66 allows for tilt (!!!!).
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
oh, tilt !!!
that's fun stuff !!!
via an adapter or lens itself??
*laky PRO 10 years ago
via the camera itself. there are bellows that extends out.

oh, i am organising the next hk flickr shootout in discovery bay.
daffie @ flickr 10 years ago
hope you can get the SL66 at a good price soon~~
i wanna see it!! sounds interesting~~! :)
knapjack 8 years ago
Yashica FX-3. I have a ML 1.7 that needs a body!
Lospass 7 years ago
Contax G1, prices are low and that 45mm plannar is just too sweet.
mannikon 7 years ago
Biotar 1,5/75 in kine exakta mount at a sensible price ... (some hope)
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