glaszdecuir1 12:06pm, 19 May 2016
Machinima Poster Online Archive invites you to join this call about “Movie Posters Design” based on the Strawberry's Meme's "Second Life Movie Poster Challenge" where she got a good collection of posters on movie themes.

She mentions details at her blog: Second Life Movie Poster Challenge 2016! Thank you very much, Berry! :)

An exhibit will be located at MACHINIMA Experimental Lab – G’ on the Dreamworld North sim from May 30th till the end of June. Online Exhibiton will be displayed on FaceBook Page (

***Our goal is display quality movie posters and to push poster Designers and Machinima creators to wok in team in the future.

Here the explanation to join this exhibit /contest: are 2 simple steps
1. join the flickr group 2. add your own poster. 
It could be no existing movie poster or you can choose a machinima and design a poster for it. Feel free to choose what you like ;-)

CONTEST: We currently announce a Contest. Prizes will be 15,000 L$ to 1st Place, 10, 000 L$ 2nd Place, and 5,000 L$ 3rd Place in a Best Poster Contest. This contest is Sponsored by AviewTV & Lapiscean Liberty’s courtesy who always supported machinima issues in virtual worlds. Thanks a lot, Lapiscean! :)


The fabulous Tutsy NAvArathna and the enigmatic Iono Allen, well known Machinima Directors in Virtual Worlds will use their experience and delightful taste to select the 3 posters winners!!! 

RULES: You have till 29th May 2016 to add your poster. You can add more than 1 Poster, but only 1 person/avatar could be chosen as winner. That means, only 1 poster of same author will be chosen by the jury as finalist, so there is 1 prize per avatar.

The exhibit will run from May 30th till the end of June at this location: MACHINIMA Experimental Lab – G’ on the Dreamworld North sim. Ending June we will announce the winners. 
Events at the exhibit location during June - music performances and others - will be announced separate. 
Thank you all for your time and hope you enjoy sending and watching amazing MOVIE POSTERS :-)

LM- Teleport To Exhibit Location: North/206/201/23
StrawBerry Singh
Youtube Tutsy NAvArathna
Youtube Iono Allen
pulpfictionstudio 3 years ago
I visited the exhibit today and its fantastic. Our art is beautifully displayed. I felt so proud. Thanks Glasz.
glaszdecuir1 3 years ago
Thanks a lot for sending your Poster(s) to the Movie Poster Challenge Contest 2016. Is a pleasure have so much good poster there :-)

The exhibit will run from May 30th till the end of June at this location: MACHINIMA Experimental Lab – G’ on the Dreamworld North sim.
Ending June we will announce the winners chosen by 2 great Machinimators: Tutsy NAvArathna and Iono Allen. Good Luck! :-)

We invite you to come and visit us during this month: we have few EVENTS scheduled there:
- Opening party, music selection by amazing Dj s a r c o June, 3th friday - 1 PM SLT
- On June 11th saturday - 1 PM SLT we have 2 of the most relevant creators working in Second Life: the extraordinary sounds of Morlita Quan - original music- and the unique visuals of SaveMe Oh, an incredible performance you can’t miss, pure art !!
- ICEL, a great female Dj who lives at Barcelona will entertain us with her sets on June 17th friday 1 PM SLT
- Dj XENO plays his music selection for us from France on June 24th friday 1 PM SLT
- And for ending, an outstanding piano performer, sensitive and astonishing, the artist Sandia Beaumont will play for us on June 30th thursday 1 PM SLT

There's a GIFT as souvenir for participants, if you haven't got it, please call me in Second Life. Enjoy! :)
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