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Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck ADMIN November 25, 2008
Just a reminder - when posting pics to this group - they NEED to have credits for the clothes and or slurls to where to find them.
This allows for everyone else to go shopping as well.

Group Description

This group is ment for us guys to simply share the kewl places where we get our awesome stuff. We men need to stick together. Why?
Because girls have an unbelievable and practically neverending LOAD of shops, while guys have a lot less.
I once heard somebody say "for every shop with male goods, there's 25 shops with female goods", and I'm afraid this is pretty much the case if you ask me.

The basics are easy > got or found a place that focuses on men (more then women, if possible) take a pic, post it here, and paste a SLurl or at least state the name of the place.
SLurl is welcomed but not mandatory, name of Shop IS mandatory!
If you're a SLExchange fanatic (or SLBoutique, etc...) just paste the url to the item.

You can focus on anything you like really: clothes, guns, weapons, jewelery, tattoos & piercings, accesoires, bikes, cars... oh and skins & shapes (way too many guys shop at the same 3 places for that, so let's bring in some diversity so not all men look like clones)

I'ld like to see some decent stuff rather then randomly found items, try the things at the shop, tell us what you think of it > is it worth buying there?

Also > please post just 1 or 2 pictures of something, we don't want to see the same thing in 10 diffirent version, just show the version you got, and mention it's available in several colors / styles / etc.

This isn't a "men only" group, girls are more then welcome to help us, however it's still for "male goods only". But I'm sure a lot of girls like to shop / explore for their boyfriend / husband, so come on girls > share those places with us!

Group Rules

* Enter a place offering goods for men, or have a big selection for men
* Try to give us a SLurl, or at least the name of the shop
* Give us places that offer decent goods
* Try to tell us what you think of the place
* Please enter "Male Shop" in the tag section

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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