J. Conlon and Sons 5:58pm, 28 March 2008
Not sure if the offer is available everywhere or only in certain areas. I'm in Connecticut, USA.

Joann's is having their 99 cent Simplicity pattern sale today and tomorrow.

Feel free to post any sales on Simplicity patterns you see -- either online or in stores -- on this thread.

- Jen
angso 10 years ago
They had the same sale in Austin, TX. I'm guessing it's nationwide. I just bought some!
colors_fade 10 years ago
Same here in Spokane WA. Got a bunch!
TXNMomma 10 years ago
Simplicity was just on sale at Joanns but that just ended. Hancock Fabrics is having a $1.99 sale on simplicity patterns (limit 5) from May 15-18! I already have my list ready!!
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