Simon.Says.Stamp 1:00pm, 19 September 2014
Hey everyone!

Barb here again with our second Flickr challenge! Before we get started, I want to thank those of you for playing along in the first challenge. Your cards were awesome and it was so fun checking out how each of you interpreted the colors! If you haven't seen all the cards, you can check them out here. So much inspiration!

If you didn't see the winners post, click here.

Here's a reminder of the rules:

--- Each card or project created for the challenges must use at least one Simon Says Stamp exclusive brand image, such as their stamps, stencils or dies. This is an important rule. Simon sponsors this group and the challenges, so it's only fair that players use Simon's very own products.

--- Please upload cards to your Flickr photostream and tag them with the appropriate tag name. For this week's challenge it will be SSSflickrchallenge#2 all one word with no spaces. Tagging photos is easy - just find the "add tag" area, below and to the right, when looking at any photo in your photostream, click it, add the tag, then press enter.

--- Please also mention in your photo-description that your card or project is for the challenge.

--- Don't forget to add your photo to the SSS Flickr group.

--- Projects for the challenges must be newly created.

--- Submit as many projects as you like for each challenge.

--- Your projects can be for multiple challenges - no limit.

--- If you share projects made for our challenges on your blogs too, please share the inspiration graphic in your post and add a link back to this discussion thread.

--- We'd love it if you could take a small amount of time, after uploading your card or project to the group, to comment on a few other group members' photos. We all love to receive encouragement for our creations!

This week we are going to play tic-tac-toe! (click the photo to see it larger.)

Tic-Tac-Toe! by Simon.Says.Stamp

Choose any line across, down or diagonally to use on your projects. Please explain which line you used in your description.

The colors in the graphic are not a requirement For instance, the glitter does not have to be purple, and the "autumn" in the center can be anything that makes you think of this season.

You have until Thursday, 9:00am EST October 2nd, 2014 to upload your cards/projects to the SSS Flickr group. A random winner will be announced the same day at 10:00am EST in a new discussion thread.

The prize for this challenge is a Simon Says Stamp, $50.00 gift certificate!!! How awesome is that?!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in a comment below.

We can't wait to see what everyone creates! Have fun!
Brenda U PRO 4 years ago
Thanks Barb! This is going to be interesting!
allthesparkle 4 years ago
This is a great challenge! Can't wait to play along!
clmlcc (Cindy C.) 4 years ago
Looks like a great challenge Barb!!
Elle Lindgren 4 years ago
What a fun idea!
I'll definitely have to play with this one. :)
CreationsBy(Martha) 4 years ago
Barb, what a FUN theme you've selected for the second challenge!
I'm looking forward to playing along...and seeing what others will create.

Thanks, Barb, for organizing this.
Thanks, SSS!
sally_sherfield 4 years ago
Looking forward to taking part again Barb
LauraJane:) PRO 4 years ago
Love the helpful Tic-Tac-Toe inspiration theme.
Thanks Barb.
What a fun challenge...can't wait to get starated!
just kate2013 4 years ago
Got my thinking cap on for this one :) lol x
joy1223 4 years ago
Another fun challenge! Thanks, Barb.
marcyk924 4 years ago
Oh, this will be a fun challenge!
Cat Craig 4 years ago
Such fun, love these types of challenges. Great tic tac toe board.
barbghig 4 years ago
This sounds like so much fun, Barb! I'm looking forward to paying along again!!!
Virginia L. 4 years ago
This new challenge is so versatile and fun. Way to go on getting the tic-tac-toe challenge off to a great start, Barb!
turleyfamily(Dawn) 4 years ago
Great choices for a project Barb. Off to get the SSS dies, stamps and stencils out to see what I can do.
123bear65 (Kim) PRO 4 years ago
Love the theme this time Barb, looking forward to playing along!!
judijovy 4 years ago
ima dz2 (Daria) 4 years ago
The hardest part is going to be which row to pick! Thanks for a great challenge, Barb.
paperpicnic (Jayne) 4 years ago
Another great challenge, Barb! Looking forward to playing along!
ancema 4 years ago
What a fun challenge. I already got one card done and I am sure I'll do more. I've written up my options on a post-it note and stuck it to the wall above my table so I can quickly put a set together. Thank you for the challenge.
Pap-a-bric 4 years ago
I didn't join in the first challenge, but I have a card for this second one. This theme gives us much possibilities. Thank you for another fun challenge, Barb and SSS.
Thanks for a fun challenge, Barb!
Thordis D. A. 4 years ago
This new challenge is so fun! I missed the first one, but I got time to make a card for this one, and I had a blast :)
Thank you for this awesome challenge Barb :)
Mary-Anne V 4 years ago
Just submitted my card and tagged it hope it works.
Simon.Says.Stamp 4 years ago
Mary-Anne V:

Mary-Anne, you've added the correct tag but you also need to add it to our Flickr group. Thank you for playing!
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