Simon.Says.Stamp 12:59pm, 5 September 2014
Hi everyone!

Are you enjoying all the fun of STAMPtember so far? Well, we've got another surprise for you!

It's Barb Engler here, welcoming you to the Simon Says Stamp Flickr challenges! Today is the very first one and we're hoping lots of you will be playing along! You'll need to "join the group" first, if you haven't already.

There are a few other things you'll want to know before we get started with this week's challenge theme.

--- Challenges will start every other Friday at 9:00am EST and run for about two weeks, ending every other Thursday at 9:00am EST. For example, with this first challenge, you will have until 9:00am EST, Thursday, September 18, 2014. That same day, a winner will also be announced at 10:00am EST. A new challenge will then be announced the following day, Friday September 19, 2014.

--- Each card or project created for the challenges must use at least one Simon Says Stamp exclusive brand image, such as their stamps, stencils or dies. This is an important rule. Simon sponsors this group and the challenges, so it's only fair that players use Simon's very own products.

--- Please upload cards to your Flickr photostream and tag them with the appropriate tag name. For this week's challenge it will be SSSflickrchallenge#1 all one word with no spaces. Tagging photos is easy - just find the "add tag" area, below and to the right, when looking at any photo in your photostream, click it, add the tag, then press enter.

--- Please also mention in your photo-description that your card or project is for the challenge.

--- Don't forget to add your photo to the SSS Flickr group.

--- Projects for the challenges must be newly created.

--- Submit as many projects as you like for each challenge.

--- Your projects can be for multiple challenges - no limit.

--- If you share projects made for our challenges on your blogs too, please share the inspiration graphic in your post and add a link back to this discussion thread.

--- We'd love it if you could take a small amount of time, after uploading your card or project to the group, to comment on a few other group members' photos. We all love to receive encouragement for our creations!

So let's get started with this week's challenge! Since it's the start of the autumn season, a color challenge is in order! Here is your inspiration photo.

Color Challenge Inspiration by Simon.Says.Stamp

Please use at least three of the five colors. They don't have to be an exact match but try and get as close as possible to the colors. (You can click on the photo to enlarge.)

We have prizes too! We will randomly chose one winner for each challenge. This week's prize is a set of the six, brand new, Simon Says Stamp inks, which were released on Monday at the start of STAMPtember! In case you haven't seen these yummy colors, here they are.

Prize For 1st Flickr Challenge! by Simon.Says.Stamp

We'd love to here what you think in the comment section below and If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate ask! I will answer as quickly as I can.

We can't wait to see what you create!
quilterlin 4 years ago
Sounds like fun, Barb - I think this is a great idea!
barbghig Posted 4 years ago. Edited by barbghig (member) 4 years ago
Hi Barb! I'm so happy to see that you will be hosting the Challenges here! This color combo is going to be a lot of fun to play with, and I can't wait to get started!
marcyk924 4 years ago
How awesome, Barb! What a perfect union - you and SSS! With your whit and creativity, these challenges will be a blast! Kudos to all and can't wait to see what everyone creates!
Sue McRae 4 years ago
Sounds like fun Barb and you're the perfect hostess to lead this group!
bettijo (Betty) 4 years ago
looks like a fun new challenge - unfortunately i think i only have one SSS die and stencil. thanks for letting me know about it.
nancyljk PRO 4 years ago
How exciting, Barb! Stamptember is the perfect time to kick off a fun new Simon Says Stamp challenge! Let's get this party started!
hamiltonkim55 4 years ago
Sounds like such fun! I just received a nice order from Simon Says Stamp! Looking forward to it Barb!
What a great idea and I love challenges.... great colors here
Thanks for telling me about it.
Kailash29 4 years ago
Wonderful challenge, sure to get my mojo going (hopefully) :-)!! Thanks for sharing Barb!!
judkajudy PRO 4 years ago
Oh, Barb!! So happy to see you here doing what you do so perfectly!! Big hugs!!
CreationsBy(Martha) Posted 4 years ago. Edited by CreationsBy(Martha) (member) 4 years ago
OH, Barb...what wonderful news!
SSS selected THE BEST hostess to lead this group! ♥

AND, what an excellent & fun idea to start-up some fun challenges here. I'm looking forward to being inspired, playing along, & seeing what others will create.
sarahgray71 4 years ago
Yay! Great idea and great colours for the first challenge, Barb! I look forward to joining in the fun :)
Paper Girl 4 years ago exciting indeed that you are kicking off the debut of this group!! They really did choose the most energetic and amicable person!! You will rock! Thank you for the share!
Cat Craig 4 years ago
Sounds like fun, and you're such a wonderful cardmaker to lead it off.
joy1223 4 years ago
Congrats, Barb! They have picked the perfect person for this new venture. I am excited about this and hope I can join in the fun. I like that the challenges will be every other week. Great color inspiration for the first challenge.
LauraJane:) PRO 4 years ago
Barb, you are the perfect host for this challenge!
Swooning over the new SSS ink colors:)
Looking forward to playing along.
nonchalant payment [deleted] 4 years ago
Hello Barb! I'm so happy you're the host for this challenge! You're the perfect fit. :) I hope to be entering the challenge if I have the time. Sending you lots of love! XO
just kate2013 4 years ago
Sounds fun :)
touch of creation 4 years ago
Sounds like fun!!Thanks for hosting it ,Barb!!
alanna.moses 4 years ago
How fun. I'm new to the group and can't wait to play.
"card"rageous (Robin) 4 years ago
They definitely chose the best hostess for this group, my friend:) Sounds like alot of fun and I'll definitely participate when I can!
clmlcc (Cindy C.) 4 years ago
This is exciting news indeed Barb!! Thanks for hosting! I would love to play along!
Simon.Says.Stamp 4 years ago
Thank you, everyone! So happy you're excited about the challenges!
mkmermaid (Maureen) 4 years ago
What a great idea and you are just perfect for this creative challenge - you are such a joyful cheerleader. I would love to participate when I can. What glorious fun!
JenC Photo PRO 4 years ago
Whoop! SSS and Flickr are my two net addictions. Now they are in one shiny place !!
clperry 4 years ago
Yay, congratulations Barb. Hope I get a chance to pop in here once in awhile and be challenged.
donna mikasa PRO 4 years ago
Hoping to play along whenever possible! Just wanted to say what a great choice SSS made, choosing YOU as the hostess, Barb!
paperpicnic (Jayne) 4 years ago
Huge Congratulations to you, Barb!
You will be the most amazing host for this challenge!
I will definitely play along, sounds like lots of fun!
The first challenge is a great one, love the inspiration piece!
Looks like fun! My SSS products are very limited--lots on my wishlist--LOL! Is there any chance the colors could be described? Every monitor seems a little different. I see orange, yellow & black--right? How would you describe the other 2 colors? Hope to play along!
Judyt28 4 years ago
Congrats to you Barb! Sounds like this will be a lot of fun! Count me in!
Simon.Says.Stamp 4 years ago
gg nurse (Greta):

Hi Greta! I should have given a description of the colors to begin with - sorry about that!

Yes, they are yellow, orange and black and I would describe the other two as a taupe-gray and a hunter green.

Thanks for the question!
123bear65 (Kim) PRO 4 years ago
Hi Barb your news is so exciting, you will rock these new challenges, I only have a couple of stencils, but will try to get some new stock soon so that I can play along. Good luck with the first challenge everyone!
Thanks for letting me know Barb...I'm excited that you get to be in charge of'll do awesome and if you need any help please let me know :). I've been in a rut since surgery and need a good challenge to get my mojo going! Can't wait to see what other's come up with as well :).

Just found about this challenge yesterday! Looking forward to this new challenge, Barb!
sally_sherfield 4 years ago
Hi Barb
Wow Barb congrats, you are a perfect choice for this challenge hostess!!!. This sounds like alot of fun and I would love to take part. I have only a small amount of SSS products as they are expensive to buy in the UK but I will try and play along as much as I can.
Elle Lindgren 4 years ago
Oh, what a fun idea! I love seeing cards that come out of challenges. It always amazes me how unique and creative everyone is - especially while making something for the same theme.

I did have one question... Would it be ok to post a challenge-inspired card without entering officially? I've already got the awesome inkpads, so I wouldn't need them as a prize. But I think I'd enjoy creating something with the inspiration colors anyway. :)
Simon.Says.Stamp 4 years ago
Elle Lindgren:

Hi Elle,

Thanks for the question. We'd love to see what you create and we can just leave your name out of the random drawing for the inks. Looking forward to seeing your card!
krolski (Kathy) 4 years ago
This sounds like great fun Barb! Very exciting! Hoping to play along soon!
Disp6194 4 years ago
Barba they are so lucky to have you as a host! This is such a fun idea and I can't wait to play along :)
vdutchr 4 years ago
Fun!! I can't tell if my card loaded into the gallery or not. I sure hope so :)
Heather Maria D 4 years ago
Barb, big congratulations - I know your challenges are going to be so much fun! So far the only Simon Says products I have are a couple of gorgeous snowflake dies but hopefully I'll be able to play along soon:)
Simon.Says.Stamp 4 years ago

Hi Vicki!

Sometimes, after adding the tag to a photo, it takes awhile for it to show up in that group of pics. I just checked and I DO see your photo.
Lauranorris321 4 years ago
Great news Barb! You will be great at hosting this fun new challenge. Hope I can play along soon.
ScrappinNavyWife 4 years ago
I'm waiting on the mail dude to bring me some new SSS goodies right now! Can't wait to play along! :)
judy1223 4 years ago
Hey, Barb! Congrats on leading this fun SSS Flickr ARE the perfect person for the job! I do hope to be able to play along!
kcscrpbkr (Karen L K) 4 years ago
Very nice Barb! Nice to see that you are doing this.
Simon.Says.Stamp 4 years ago
So nice to see more of you excited about the challenges! Loving the cards added so far and can't wait to see more!
Virginia L. 4 years ago
Woohoo! This is SO exciting, Barb at SSS (wink)!! I sure hope to join the fun in the near future! So glad that you are HUGE part of this! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pap-a-bric 4 years ago
Congratulations, Barb! You really are the perfect hostess for this. I own many SSS products, so, I will play along for sure, in #1 challenge or other. Thank you!
ThePurplePlace 4 years ago
Oh WOW! I am so sorry I am so late to the BIG News!!! I love SSS as I'm sure most of your already know. I'm a big fan of the Exclusives and already own several! YAY!!

I am excited about the new challenge, and will be very happy to the join the fun as soon as I get back from vacation. Flying off to San Diego this week to visit my son and daughter-in-law, who I have not seen in almost a YEAR! Miss them so much!!

I will be looking forward to playing and now need to figure out how I can get emails reminders or something, so I don't forget !! Any ideas ladies?

Thanks and Congrats again to Barb and SSS!!
Thanks for getting this going Barb & SSS! And what a great prize.
So great to see so many familiar faces joining in.
Carol Doggett 4 years ago
Cool idea! Love looking at all the beautiful cards in the gallery!!
Brenda U PRO 4 years ago
Congrats Barb! SSS chose the perfect person! I am so happy to have been able to play in this first challenge, I hope to play regularly!
Which Craft 4 years ago
This will be a real hoot and Barb is the perfect hostess...looking forward to entering.
pinkcraftkitchen 4 years ago
Hopefully I can create a card before the deadline - if not I will definitely join the next one :)
yay for flickr challenge..
paru's perceptions 4 years ago
Wow! what fun! cant wait to play!
CreationsBy(Martha) 4 years ago
Thanks, Barb, for this fun color challenge!
KYAnn22 4 years ago
I tried to play along, but the monitor in my stamp room sure made the colors look a lot different. Yikes! I'll link up anyway and hope I'm at least close. lol Thanks for the fun challenge!
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