Geoff RealName 12:04pm, 13 December 2005
A bit of a cheek, I know: a group started by someone who doesn't live in Silverdale and is, what's worse, a Southerner! But I thought it was about time that this wonderful area was given a chance to shine, so here it is. Particularly welcome will be pictures of birds seen at Leighton Moss. I've seen you, lugging round lenses the size of dustbins, so now show us what you've managed to capture with them! I look forward to seeing what others have found in my favourite part of the country.
parsimonious ice [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by parsimonious ice (member) 13 years ago
I'm a southerner too, but lucky enough to live close to Silverdale (Lancaster). Silverdale is a very special place, and I know I am very fortunate. Sorry I don't have any bird pictures to share though!
Geoff RealName 13 years ago
Fortunate indeed, but we count ourselves well-off to be able to get there twice a year - better than nothing. Don't worry about the birds, just keep up the excellent work on the Bay!
LindaH 13 years ago
I live in Bolton le Sands. I can get up to Silverdale quite easily on the bus or a train from Carnforth. Sadly I have very few bird photos. Somehow I find I prefer to just enjoy watching them. My favourite day there was spent watching the marsh harriers hunting in the early spring when they must have had chicks to feed. I also quite enjoyed the day when walking along a path through the dense reeds a bittern flew past me across my path at about waist height! I like to photograph the shore though so I will have some photos for the pool.
Geoff RealName 13 years ago
Closer than I've been to a bittern, though I've had one or two good views over the years. My camera/skills aren't up to bird photos, hence the request for pics from those who are, but all welcome: because of the amazing variations in the light we could probably have a group for shore pics alone!
Vampire Bear 11 years ago
Hi Geoff!

Any chance of a group icon? Silverdale is such a beautiful place, it would be lovely to see an icon to show what the place is all about. :-)

Geoff RealName 11 years ago
Hi Vampire Bear!

You're right, I ought to do something about this and will try to get round to it eventually; unfortunately I suffer from a long-term fatigue condition, which means that "eventually" might be a long time coming!
nedward50 3 years ago
Hi Geoff,
I'm a Northerner born and bred but as you know we are very forgiving up here :) I visit the area frequently but I live near Preston so not as often as I would like to.
I'll post a few Leighton Moss shots as requested, hope they are good enough?
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