dave95603 10:07pm, 22 October 2007
I'm writing to tell you all I simply can't get enough of silk & satin. It started with a glimpse of a nylon slip under a skirt. The way it would shine, the way the lace set off the nylon covered legs, the femininity & power of those high heels and the way the skirt moved as she walked.
To this day I love sliky slips and not a day goes by where I don't obsess about how nice it must be to be a girl, able to wear those silky fabrics every day without people thinking youre some kind of wierdo or pervert.
I have dressed up (crossdressed) and enjoyed the experience. I know I wasn't fooling anyone that I was a lady, expecially since I was dressed like a tramp & I can't walk in heels, but I sure enjoyed it. I was hoping for one of those encounters with a knowledgable beautiful female who would enjoy my passion for silk just as much as me, but I wasn't one of the luck ones.
Best I can do is to go to a strip club all decked out in panties, slips, camisols and nylons under a thin pair of pants and a silk shirt. The girls almost always mention the silky shirt and they feel the straps of the camisol and slips which, if they are interested, they will be coy and talk about, or rub their hands inside my shirt on the silky camisol or lacy slip. The rush is awesome as I finally get to share my lingerie passion with a beautiful, willing lady. After discussing specifics, I usually pull out a clean white silky, 1/2 slip and ask the lady to wear it while she does her lap dance.
OMG!! I'm in heaven!!!!
Needless to say, all the silk on silk, the sight of a beautiul woman wearing my silky slip, the idea that she knows I am wearing a slip and panties too, and I explode all over again & again & again. If only I could make it home without the smell of perfume, and the cost I would be in good shape. Also, y wife wonders why I keep a spare set of clothes in my trunk.
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
Dude, I'm in the same boat. I have Klienfelters Syndrome - I have an extra female chromozone so ever since I was a kid, I've loved silk and satin. I have ordered silky stuff off the net and love to wear it. I love it too. Nothing gets me more rushing than silk or satin. I buy silky stuff for my girlfriend. She wears it for me now and again and we have silk bedsheets but she doesn't go all the way with it. It's a fetish. Everyone has one.

I know how you feel though. I wish I had a girl who had a silk and satin fetish. Life is harsh man.
satin dress men [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by satin dress men (member) 10 years ago
Hoi i,m a men and i like satin wear .I,m satin fetish .And sex on satin wear fullcolhed shiny satin sex .And marts girl,s said to me you ar a wierdo and i sai oke its over .You no its not easy or funny the live .And some times girls she like it .Bud she do it for me she loves me. And satin wear on street the peopel look to me you ar a gay or wierdo you no?And me famelie and frends to, in the furst time ,a long time .Some some some times i dressed me on satin wear outsite not marts .4a5 days on me home not els wife bud a MEN wear you no .Writing me back pleas .Me enlich its not so good bud writte me. Oke i understand you and i do me BEST.
wethard1 10 years ago
I Have A Satin Fetish Since Age 10, Started With Moms Panties And Slips. Now In My 40s, None Of My G\ Fs Or Wife Of 12 Years Have Ever Known. Have To Keep My Stash Hidden And Only Get To Dress When Nobody Is Around. Dressed Up With A Couple Buddies In High School Days And Messed Around A Few Times, But That Was Many Years Ago. Would Like To Try It Again Sometime.
dave95603 10 years ago
Thank you all for your replys:
Please keep them comming!! My favorite time of year is Halloween. It is comming up and I have the HUGE urge to dress up. I always dress up as a woman to the hilt!! Short flirty skirt, of course silky panties and a slip that shows the satin & lace, a silky camisol and satin top. Nylons & high heels & a wig complete the picture. I usually try some sort of a sexy witch theme so a hat and broom help to complete the look without being overly wierd. Man, the feeling of being able to dress that way is awesome. All the silk & nylon & lace flowing over my body keeps me erect forever.

Of course, this is all done in private. I usually take the day off and don't tell my wife. This gives me all day to go somewhere no one knows me. Break and Lunch times are great as all the sexy secretaries come out. Nylon and silk is everywhere. Why can't every day be Halloween?

I want, No I NEED to feel this delicious material on my skin. Why is ti not better understood? Why am I such a freak? How is it that other men don't go whacko whenever they see silk or nylon or satin?

Damn, I get hard just writing and remembering this stuff. Right now I am fighting the urge to masturbate over and over again with my back-up nylon slip, which is always close by.

As I said before, I'm Obsessed!!!
p.dragar [deleted] 10 years ago
Holly cow. We have a same obsession. The satin rules my life lol
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
Dude, it's like a fuckin curse or something. I'm a nympho maniac - I will admit that and I'm not just into silk and satin - I like it all. I love sex but fetishes are even better. If I had the chance to have sex all day with a beautifull naked girl or to be locked in a room with the silkyiest, most sumptuous satin female clothes..... I know where I'd be and a girl would be waiting a long time. A whole day infact.
I have lots of stash. Everytime I go to get rid of it and stop my fetish - I end up with more stash!!! I have two whole suitcase's and a carrier bag FULL of scarves, blouses, dresses.... and when nobody is in, I get it all out. Everybody goes very DEEP somehow with a fetish. There's so many out there, that everyone must have one. Don't deem yourself a freak - I mean, there's six of us here, all with the same obsession. That's six guys, all bound by their own guilt for having to hide something away which is truely them. Six guys - out of the WHOLE world, who have stumbled upon each other to finally tell someone else about what REALLY floats their boat. It's not even just the feel of silk and satin, it's the look - the way it clings and hangs.
Anyway, we're not freaks, we're just lucky to have something that drives us that not a lot of other people have. We all have our own secret and now it's being shared but it's still a secret.

My whole fucking life is a secret - nobody knows who I truely am.
But that's what makes me who I am.
dave95603 10 years ago
Wow you guys!!
I feel like I have found a group who understands me. I agree about the secret life stuff. My problem is that I get so wound up when I see silk or satin or nylon that I can't control myself and the need to jack-off takes over my life and lives on it's own. I can usually control it until I get somewhere private or semi-private like a bathroom stall, but in some instances, if there are many women dressed in skirts, high heels, nylons, silk blouses or skirts or if her silky slip and lace hem are visible, I kind of go nuts.
I was arrested for masturbating in public when I couldn't hold it back any longer. I thought I would be OK because I used the slip to cover my penis, as you know it feels so much better that way. Anyhow, she lied and told the police she could see my cock and who was I to explain to the officer that I was simply fucking my secret lingerie stash of satin slips wishing I was actually fucking the slip on the lady I was watching.
Since then, I have been in therapy (part of my judgement) and taking medicine to curb my desires (also part of my judgement). If I had it my way, I would be jacking off into silky slips until I passed out only to start over again when I came to. My future with my wife and children ( and keeping out of jail) depends on my ability to kick this habit. I'm in a 12-step class for sexual addiction but just cant get the feelings out of my groin. It is embarrassing just how much I am a slave to soft silky nylon slips!!! - Man, I want to cum just writing this. This addiction to slip sex is so huge that it is a fundamental part of who I am. I don't know that I can live without it. Like I said before, I am so fucking obsessed with this silky stuff. I wish I were a girl so I could wear the soft silky material every day. If I were a girl, I know I would be a slut and tease you horny slip slaves until you came in your pants enjoying me teasing you........
msklarissa 10 years ago
It's obvious that there wouldn't be Flicker groups like this if there weren't a bunch of folks like us out here. Ther very personal nature of our silk/satin fetish is such that we just do't talk to other people about it.

I got lucky. My 2nd wife is a post-op TS that likes silk and satin herself and doesn't mind if I get dressed. As a matter of fact, I put on a silk or satin blouse and pants or shorts every night to go to bed. I don't have to hide the blouses and skirts in suitcases or boxes-they hang right there in the closet where I can stroke and caress them.

I started out liking silk scarves. I'd wear them when I thought I could get away with it. Halloween saw me as a cowboy with a silk neck kerchief so I could go out in public with a scarf on. Since my first wife didn't care to wear silk or satin clothing, I decided to start wearing it myself when she was at work and I was home alone. She found out and it caused one of the few major issues in an otherwise great marriage. After her passing, both my inflatable "friends" and I wore as much silk and satin as I could find on eBay.

Now, I can wear soft clothing any time I'm home or what can be worn without showing when we are out. It's great and I think I'll quit typing now and go put on my new satin western blouse. Then I'll get a nice silk scarf and rub my...

mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
Ha.... mate. It's so nice to read and share this fetish. Sure, there's site's that sell images to you to settle your craving but how random is it to find a girl to share your fetish? Hardly at all. My girlfriend does now and again but I wish it was all the time because I never stop thinking about it. I dread the day my girlfriend finds my stash, which is why I keep going to get rid of it but still, I find nights where I'm drunk and walking home and I know, that a clothing bank nearby could hold maybe a few bin liners FULL of satin clothing. You know, those green metal containers at recycling centres. Their usually in the middle of nowhere like a carpark or something and if you open it, jump up onto the open hatch and slide your legs in, you can shut it as you squeeze inside and then, you have a WHOLE container FULL of random clothing. Sometimes, half of the bank is satin and silk. That's how I get most of my stash, the rest, I buy offline or just use my girlfriends stuff that she leaves round here.
i used to deem myself a freak until I discovered websites that showed stuff that I was into but then I found flickr. Ha.... seems I'm not alone after all. We should keep replying on this board because I feel so much better that there's other men who also feel so secluded from the world. You know, having to hide what we love so much.

I feel so much better knowing that you guys are here to talk to.

p.dragar [deleted] 10 years ago
I cant belive that we are in the same boat. My gf doesnt know abaut my passion. I try to hide my stuff in my room but its very difficult.
wethard1 10 years ago
Sounds like there a lot of us in the same boat. At least we can share it with like minded people.
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
Tell me about it p.drager!! Sometimes I'm out and I'm like " Shit, did I put that stuff away or is it still on the floor? " or when my girlfriend comes round, I'm hoping she'll go to the toilet so I can take my items out of ' her ' drawer before she goes to put ' her ' stuff on to go to bed. I'd die on the spot if she found it. I'd no way be able to explain it. She'd look at me with disgust I know she would and I'd rather die than experience that. I hope it never happens but sometimes it gets very close. That's why I want to somehow cut this fetish out but I can't - it's like a drug. It's one of those depressive thoughts that surfaces now and again when I'm deep in thought.
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
But then, life is very hard and you need an escape, something only you can do and enjoy by yourself, something that nobody else knows, a place where you can be in comfort and alone and this is it.
Our silk and satin fetish. My mind is pretty fucked up anyway...
wethard1 10 years ago
Almost Got Busted By Wife 2 Days Ago. I Stayed Home Because Of Recent Accident While She Worked. After She Left I Slipped On Some Panties And Spent The Day Watching Porn And Jacking Off, And Washing My Rather Large Collection Of Panties. Had Just Taken Them All Out Of The Dryer And Had Them All Laid Out On The Bed, Except For The Pair I Was Wearing, When I Thought I Would Call Her And Have Her And Have Her Stop At The Store. When I Called A Co Worker Informed Me That She Had Left Allready. In A Frantic Frenzy I Pulled My Pants On While Still Wearing Panties, Grabbed My Collection And Stashed It. My Heart Was Going 90 Mph As I Heard The Car Pull In And Blew A Load In My Panties As I Was Trying To Get Everything Put Away. She Walked In The Door And Asked Me Why I Was Out Of Breath And I Told Her I Had Just Come Back From The Garage. Close Call! Later Went To The Bathroom And Slipped Off The Cum Soaked Panties I Had On, But Had To Sit And Talk With Her About The Day For About 45 Mins. Before I Could Get Them Off
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
Gutted man. I managed to squeeze into a clothing bank once and found a few bags of satin blouses and scarves and stuff. Next thing I knew I was waking up to the sound of a car engine. It was then daylight and someone was recycling bottles in the bottle bank and I was still inside the clothing bin!! I could hear cars going past and I looked at my watch to see it was 8am on a Saturday. When the car went, I peeked out of the opening to the bank entrance and saw people walking past. To play it safe - I spent the whole day in there until it got dark.
dave95603 10 years ago
Mohawker 69 said it best. This silk fetish is a drug. Unfortunately I am addicted to no end and I too am trying to break free from these satin chains. Unfortunately nothing in my experience beats the rush of wearing lingerie, especially multiple silky nylon slips, panties and pantyhose (with a hole for my penis to stick through and rub the silky panties/slips. The whole idea of seeing a womans slip with lacy hem is so damn exciting, and I can't quite seem to get enough of it, so I believe I started to dress the way I wanted women to. that way I could see and feel the silky material anytime. Unfortunately this is tough to do when my wife didn't know about my fettish. I had to keep my lingerie stashed and hidden, then leave the home and go get "dressed" somewhere else. Usually I would disrobe and put on my lingerie in my car, but passers by sometimes would catch me wearing my slip or camisol. One time I went into a gas station restroom to get dressed up. It was early morning and the clerk was a cute brunette. Since the place was basically deserted, I decided to go all out. I quickly undressed and put on my nylons, carefully pulled my cock throught the hole in front. I jacked with my mylon 1/2 slip but not to the point I would cum. I put on satin panties and stepped into the 1/2 slip. I pulled a short flowing A-line skirt over the slip and pulled it up just so the lacy hem and some silky slip would show. The skirt was thin material that folowed nicely over the satin liner. As I type, my heart is pounding almost as hard as it did back then. I put on my camisol, blouse, jacket and heels and checked the mirror. If I actually saw this girl in the mirror in real life, I would follow myself everywhere with my hands in my pocket jacking off everwere she went. I don't do the hair & make-up thing, since I usually just wear my lingerie under my business suits, but I do keep pretty skirts & blouses in my stash just in case. Anyway, I looked like a guy wearing a cute outfit with a tent in his skirt. I slowly opened the door to step out and saw (luckly) no one was around. I walked to the coffee pot, by my cute little brunette, and saw her stiffle a laugh. I bought the coffee and my had was shaking so hard I kept spilling it. She politely smiled, commented on the pretty outfit I was wearing and I left to my car and jacked off like a mad man. I was fortunate enough to park up front where I could still see her at the cash register while I jacked into my silky slip. Fuck it felt so good. I want to cum right now just remembering this. Silky slips just take over my life!! Sometimes when I do this, I get so wound up that I call ini sick and spend the entire day jacking off into my silky slips. My work ,life has suffered, my time with my wife has suffered, my time with my kids has suffered. All this because I constantly keep thinking of when an how I can get my next silky fix. Constantly worrying about if I hid the stash of lingerie, did someone see me, am I going to get fired for missing so much work..... This obsession litterally has me by the balls and I long to fuck my silky slips over & over again. Ik'm sorry for this long message, and language. I am hoping that getting these secrets out into the open will help me regain some control in my life.
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
Dude, I think you let too much spill out when you type. I'd love to slit your throat and basically just play with your organs. I'd steam off your skin and wear it as a jacket. We share the same fetish but you chat too much shit. I'm a manic depressive paranoid schizophrenic and wouldn't hesitate to completely break every bone in your hands so you couldn't wank. Feel free to keep your fucked up movements to yourself. This is a group to disscuss a fetish, not a perverted, sexually explicit act in public. If I caught you wanking, I'd drag you into some nearby woods and mutilate you.
p.dragar [deleted] 10 years ago
mahoawk:id try to stop it many times...its impossible i drop my stuffs to the fire and next week i buy something new
mohawk69er [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm on about quitting chatting about you and your dick. I don't give a fuck about how you play with that shit. We all like satin and silk - not your dick so quit chattin about it. This was a good discussion before you started lettin it ALL out.
satinsex 10 years ago
i have had a satin fetish for . well i cant rember since verry young i used to wear my mum and sisters silky pjs knickers anything made out of satin . my mum and sister know about it as i used to be careless . one time it was realy embarasing my mum found her satin blouse i stole under my bed and confrounted me infront of my frends . so at age 13 i started buying my own . my favourite choice in those days was nightwear pjs slips robes . and still is . only i now have a few blouses . unfortanetly when i was staying with my dad a few years ago he found my stash in my closet and i lost a lot of good items i had saved up over the years . which kinda sucked . say has anyone noticed that since the early nintys the quality of satin in womens clothing has got worse ?
simpo32_1999 [deleted] 10 years ago
I've been using silk and satin since I was 5 when my gandmother caught me at a neighbours house rubbing a silk scarf over my penis. I then moved on to trying on my mothers slips and petticoats and silky knickers. She also had a black satin dress which I would wear and where I first cum. When I moved out I bought loads of scarves and silky nightwear and became obsessed with silk and satin full length nightgowns. Last night I wore a red silk nightgown for bed, but didn't sleep much!
satinhypno2001 [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm on board with everyone else here, addicted to satin since I was 5, nothing is hotter then a woman in flowing satins and silky things. Love satin slips and nightgowns mostly. Nothing feels as good against you as cool shiny silken satins. Recently confessed my obession/fetish to my wife with very good results so far!
silkensue 8 years ago
I empathise with you guys as a girl I do enjoy the feeling of silky lingerie. It feels good and makes me feel sexy but I am not, as most girls as sexually aroused as you guys.

However my young nephew (14) recently stayed with me and helped with making the beds. I caught him playing with my silky nightie and it was most embarrassing. Why do boys enjoy this so much?

I ask this question to try get an insight into helping him before it gets out of hand.
shelez58 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by shelez58 (member) 2 years ago
I too am crazy about silky lingerie, especially satin and nylon slips and nightgowns. Have been wearing them in private as my wife doesn't really approve of my crossdressing, although we have had sex a couple of times with both of us wearing nighgowns. We are no longer together, and so I'm now able to dress up at home whenever I feel like it.

I love wearing a combination of slips and nighgowns. The feeling I get wearing nylon over satin is simply of this world. Always end up masturbating in them.

I am wearing a long black nylon half-slip over a shorter white satin half-slip as I type this message. Had a great time in bed last night while watching a lesbian video clip, especially when they kissed passionately.
chrissyukcd1960 8 years ago
I am also a married man in my 50's and like everyone here I have a satin/silk fetish. Since I was a boy I always found the feeling of satin an incredible turn on. My first real experience of satin was when staying with my aunt when I was around 15, finding a white satin half slip in the bathroom and trying it on. Within seconds of feeling it on my skin and feeling the satin glide on my penis I had a truly massive eruption of cum, really one of the best cums I had experienced at that age. Needless to say I worried afterwards wondering what to do with the cum soaked slip, so I filled the bath and put the slip into the water, on the pretence it was accidental. I made sure I got all the cum off before I told my aunt that her slip "accidently" fell into the bath water. She just picked up the slip and put it into the washing machine, but with a sort of faint smile, like she knew just exactly what I had done. Next day I discovered my other fetish, as my aunt took the laundered slip from the washing line and ironed it. I was sitting in the kitchen as she did this and became incredibly turned on seeing her iron the satin, peeking over as she expertly pressed the satin with the iron. gliding it over the white slip making it ultra smooth, the clean ironing scent filling the room. After she finished she put the slip on an airer, when I got the chance as she went into another room I went over and slid my hand on the slip, it felt so utterly smooth and warm immedietly making my cock hard, so I had to go and relieve myself in the bathroom, again having a big eruption. I always got the feeling she knew this had turned me on, knowing what I had done to her slip the day before as she ironed it smooth.
Since that time I get so incredibly horny seeing a woman (or crossdressed man) in nicely ironed satin, thinking of how it must feel on them, and imagining them ironing it smooth for full effect.
Even today my biggest and mose intense orgasms occur when I am dressed in freshly ironed satin. I sometimes build up to my orgasm while ironing the garments I am going to wear, sensually gliding the iron on the satin, which really turns me on. Maybe that is a bit strange, but it does really make for a truly massive intense experience for me.
Lisasatin2002 8 years ago
Hi Guys. Yes surprise, surprise I am a real women! My hubby has a very strong Satin Fetish. I wear Satin for him every day. Initialy it was to please him as I noticed that whenever I wore it he was always very attentive and we would always have the most amazing sex. However, over the years I have also noticed and enjoyed the attention of other men when I wear this very visual and tactile material. Friends, work colleagues and sometimes total strangers would go out of their way and make any excuse to touch me, put their arm around my shoulders, or brush past me. I found this very sexy and erotic so I suppose I am now that very rare creature - a REAL women with a Satin Fetish. I now have an amazing collection of satin blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, dresses and coats. My hubby's favourite style on me is a Classic Long-Sleeved Satin Blouse with a Satin Skirt, Satin Jacket or Mac, Glossy Stockings and Heels. Hubby encourages me to attract the attention of guys and gets a buzz when people admire my style and touch my Satin. Obviously this is good for me too, as well as pleasing him it turns me on too! Keep it up guys. Fly the Shiny Flag! Be Shiny & be Proud! Shiny Satin Hugs. Lisa xx
silksatinluver 7 years ago
Lisasatin2002, your husband is a lucky lucky man! I wish my wife would dress in silk and satin everyday! I would do anything for her if she did!
S@N LOVER [deleted] 7 years ago
Silly me to think I was the only guy with this fetish. Same story loved the feel since I was little. For a while my wife and I had many pairs of
"manly" satin pajama's. But then she stopped. Now I've found Flickr to help me satisfy my satin fetish. Lisasatin I'd love to brush up against your satin!
silky_sub_cd 7 years ago
Same here. I've had a penchant for silk and satin since I can remember. Growing up I always loved seeing women in it (like most of you I'm a straight man), and when I got older I thought it would be nice to actually see how it felt. It felt magical...the first time I put on a satin dress over sheer nylons was total ecstacy.
vahousewife4u2 7 years ago
My husband and I love to play with guys that are not afraid to dress up for us.
satin ripper [deleted] 7 years ago
I have a Satin Fetish. I love to wear Satin skirts and French knickers with a Satin blouse. Accetate satin is my favourite but some polyesters or Viscose are good to. The wedding dress is a particular favourite of mine all that gorgeous silky satin the older more traditional styles with the big flowing skirts. I can't count the number items I have bought over the years and desrtroyed in a moment of madness when I thought my collection was getting out of hand and was likely to be discovered by other members of my family. I have Burnt or Ripped to shreds some lovely satin blouses and dresses panties and nightgowns only to wish I hadn't done so at a later date. I had a girlfriend once who let me wear her satin skirts when we had sex, it was amazing but when we finished she told me she would dsetroy all of her satin skirts because she only wore them to please me and she hated satin. I wish she had sent them to me but she decided to destroy them rather than let me have them.
daveyalt5 7 years ago
Me too, and I also thought I was the only one. My photostream is self explanatory. Lisasatin you have discovered someting that most women don't see. Your husband is fortunate indeed. Long nightgowns do it most for me, probably just because there's more of the amazing fabric in such garments. I occasionally dress to scratch the itch but only really when Wife has not worn Her gowns for a while, I prefer to see and feel it on Her body as it's much more beautiful than mine. I have to admit though, the feel of wearing it is incomparable. Why don't more Women feel the same, if I were a Woman I'd never wear anything else?
satin ripper [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by satin ripper (member) 7 years ago
Women can wear Satin anytime they like but lack the necessary equipment to enjoy the feeling of satin to the full. They are mainly responsible for destroying it when the fashion changes and think nothing more of it. If we lived in an ideal world I would wear satin dresses and skirts and blouses most of the time but the involentary erection would always be a problem as I would have a hard on most of the time. Satin does it more for me than having sex with a woman, there is no chance of getting something nasty and you can come in your own time and go down to the pub afterwards. There are no doubt some women out there that would allow me to be myself but the time and effort involved in finding one is not worth the hastle and the first time she felt the need to throw my little fetish back in my face she would not be able to resist it thats the way they are wired.
Sugarbarre2 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Sugarbarre2 (member) 7 years ago
I just read this and I want to tell
you women dont have...hardly...if any fetishes at all
for nylons, or feet or lipstick..a guy i have online wants to seee thick thick lipstick, wnts to take me shopping and buy it then paint me
and kiss me all over...
and so on


YOU are not freaks
but when you have a fetish , it means you cant have sex erection
without it\ of cum...
that is a fetish.

the men guy told the other not to talk about his dick
he is deleted now.

have many crossdressers and all..every one is straight
gay men dont have the same
maybe they are bi curious
just dam horney to try anthing.

since i heard about satin
and silk
i buy it to model...

on here
and i wear a black satin skirt to church
i havent worn any satin of beautiful silk dress to church
YOU KNOW THEY ARE LOADED WITH bridesmaid dresses.

but most of those are polyester.

the man that loved silk on his woman is the most healthy of all of you
that is where it should be
on a woman but women are too rebellious and PRACTICAL
in this vein , men love lace MORE THAN WOMEN

but hen
along comes women in the work force and dress for success.
I taught it and i taugth femme..
silk blouses are ok for a suit
but thats not what you want
i have several victoria secret silk gowns with panels of lace
but they are fitted and they should be huge and let you roll around in them...very uncomtable
i have christian dior. big nighties and those are to die for.

well, the point is, its a man thing...and i will give my man whatever
he wants and i do and wear it to church too..and the ladies and the men love it too.
Me, red satin, black satin,legs and shoes. by Sugarbarre2

click to enlarge...and I'll try to wear more for you.. comment on the picture and i will work harder
jhen3 7 years ago
incredible to read all these stories reflecting my own feelings ! Just take a look at my pics I am lucky that sometimes I can picture models in the ways and satin style I like
cheers, Jan
vahousewife4u2 7 years ago
I guess I am all alone here But I do love to play with guys all dressed up. I am 100% female here but I love it when I can get my husband to dress up for me. I think It is such a turn on. I have meet with guys to play. GOD its so DAMN HOT.
vikki gurl 7 years ago
Hi am a married bi guy who loves silk scarves and hankies love the feel on my cock,my wife doesn't know of my secret pleasure and as she has bad arthritis we sleep in separate beds so can wank with them from my stash,seeing a woman (or man) in a silk scarf really gets me horny,have loads of pics in my Flickr galleries, to keep me going, so nice to see am not alone in my love of silk n satin luv you all Vikki xxxxxxxxx
gerts22002 7 years ago
Hello. I have run an overall hire scheme for charity for years and have recently branched out into the satin arena. I love the idea of sharing sating clothing it''s a real turn on. I have a client who hires working uniform shirts from me. I hide silky slips and other goodies inside so that he can enjoy his fantasies. His wife/partner doesn't know so it's our wonderful secret. Anyone else interested?
julie_tv30 7 years ago
I too can relate yto most of You> Iam totally obsessed with my multi layers of silky erotic NYLON lingerie. I absolutely HAVE TO wear them at all times nd usually when it is not too warm/hot I wear 2-3 p of full cut sheer nYLON panties/briefs (double lined extra wide nylon gusssets), 1-3 underwired bras 38 DD or DDD 3 or 4 back hooks, lace teddy and 1-2 p of stay ups, Silks made by Phantom, hint-o-black and 2 - 5 vintage full slips and camisoles. I wear some or all of these when I am out and about too , even to work ...Life is wi=onderful. Wifey does not participate=she os a great gal but no longer interested in sex. But I am, always, sso she just lets me wear my silky nylon darlings
William1275 5 years ago

I share you love of dressing in women’s silk and satin clothing. I have done it nearly every day for many years. I have a secret collection of half slips, camisoles, blouses, nighties, stockings, garters and even a couple silk dresses that bring me great pleasure. I love how I feel in those soft and sexy garments, and I love how I look, too. I like to pose in front of my full-length mirror and admire my alter-ego, my femininity.

To top it off, I use silk pocket squares to stroke the tip of my hard cock until I have the most delicious explosion.

But the best feeling for me comes from touching my nipples through the silk or satin. That gives me such a feeling of sexiness that my cock becomes rock hard.

I enjoy shopping for new items at the thrift store. Each time, I can’t wait to get home to try them on and see how I look and feel.

My greatest wish is to find an understanding woman who would like to share this obsession with me. I’d dress in silk and satin and make it with her as she dresses likewise. She can take me and stroke my cock through the silk until I come.

As you, I can’t get enough.
sliplovin66 5 years ago
I know that this is a satin and silk fetish page, but I love nylon slips from the 70s & 80s and if anyone would like to do some trading, that would be awesome. I have more slips that I can shake a stick at, but I'm always looking for more. Just tell me what your looking for, and I can post some pics, and maybe we can make a trade.

If you don't want to trade, and maybe just buy can visit my Etsy.com site under the name sliplovin66, or you can go to my partner site under the name TheSlipShoppe.

Please let me know
LeopoldV 5 years ago
I do enjoy my fetish with my partner, we also do once in a while photoshoots where bondage/bdsm/satin has big part of it. We love to share these shot in flickr and deviantart, it's always fun to read comments of them.
Cora_Marie1 5 years ago
I too canot get enough of wearing satin lingerie, just the feel of it, and I have never yet met a woman who has encoraged me with my fetish... I did get caught, fast asleep in french knickers and a camisole, by my ex, who just turned up drunk and went to get into bed with me. She saw me and slept on the couch. Ouch. It was never mentioned, but boy it turned me on, wsh 'd been awake! I have lots of pix of me on flickr, check some out: www.flickr.com/photos/cora_marie/

There is nothing we can do about our fetishes, except enjoy them!
satinfunmarriage 5 years ago
I really wish i can give some of you satin lovers a fantastic satin fix, so please dont be a stranger and contact me or go see my new videos and pics.
xxx love satinfun wife
silksatinparadise 5 years ago
I too have had an obsession with silk and satin since I was very young. I have had a Youtube channel devoted to silk/satin for several years. I just now joined flickr and it's so nice to find so many members who have the same interest.
zoe louise snaggle 5 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/zoesnaggle/4691589206/in/photostream] love silk and satin
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