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Where are the files kept?

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ShortWizard says:

The images I download from the store - does anyone know where to find them? I am on the verge of selling this machine if they can't fix the software and I'd like to be able to give the files I have downloaded along with it.
8:07PM, 25 June 2011 PDT (permalink)

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RWKrafts says:

Are you talking about the Silhouette files from the online shop? These files will save automatically to a folder in your computer. For me, mine are saved under 'My Library' > Recent Downloads and then there's a list of my files.
To find out exactly where your files are, just going to your library in silhouette studio, and hover your mouse over the file image. Then a little banner will pop up telling you where your personal file is located.

Good luck!
74 months ago (permalink)

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bdjeepers says:

Please see my other answers to your other posts. There's no need to panic and sell your machine. Yes, you can copy the folder with all your downloads to another location. However, let's try to fix the problem. Again, please see my other answers to your difficulties. I'm sure it is all fixable!

To answer your question first, though, the folder to copy and save as a backup is this one: C>Program Files>Silhouette Studio>Resources>resources> com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.8

Saving them in My Library will not allow you to share them with anyone and you will not have to give them to anyone because we'll help you fix your problems - see the link below. You need to save your files elsewhere in your computer when you download them, however.

There is a GREAT Silhouette owners forum you should join. There is a wealth of information there, free files, and great people who will help you.


I have also made one suggestion in another of my posts to you. There are other things to troubleshoot also. First of all, have you contacted the Silhouette techs? They are extremely responsive, very fast, and very good. If my one suggestion isn't the answer, then we'll try another, but going straight to the techs is the best way. You will have to wait until tomorrow; they don't work on Sunday.
74 months ago (permalink)

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beverleelyons says:


I am with you. The support team keeps giving me things to do to fix it, and I still can't get it to cut properly. A lot of money for something that doesn't work. and a disappointment to a friend who wanted some things!
36 months ago (permalink)

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