-RobW- PRO 9:10pm, 3 December 2007
Sunset and Empire

I like it a lot :o)

Anyone got any more?
Airchinapilot PRO 11 years ago
I love it.
WintrHawk 11 years ago
I kind of like it. But if you don't then you may want to consider what kind of filter you have up front (if you have a filter). I have found that cheap UV filters often produce flaring. I run with a B+W MRC multicoated UV filter on my Sigma 10-20. It's a bit pricey but does cut down on flares considerably. The other option is to simply remove the filter altogether. In certain cases such as shooting directly into the sun like that, you probably won't be able to avoid flaring altogether.
P^2 - Paul 11 years ago
No offense intended, but all I can think of is eeewwww... dirty lens.
Nice shot otherwise.
James Kaarremaa 11 years ago
I like the flare with the exception of the different colours and weird flare distortion most apparent in the bottom middle (dark areas). I took a shot with a similar flare and it looked a little better in B&W. At 10mm the sun is almost always in the frame if you are facing it.
Mute* 11 years ago
Motel Caravan

I like the lens flare in this pic, it seems to mirror lines in the image.
-RobW- PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by -RobW- (member) 11 years ago
Mute*: I like that shot a lot.

I had no filter on the len. Can't be bothered with UV filters. The lens probably wasn't the cleanest ever, but it certainly wasn't that mucky.

Also bear in mind that I have actually slightly increased the flare contrast myself deliberately using the VERY flarey red channel as a mask.

Oh, and I'm not offended, it's definitely a love it or hate it efftect :o)
Martowl 11 years ago
Winter Moonset

Here is an interesting one: moonflare. This was taken with a good CP filter on the lens with a new moon just as the sun was rising near NCAR in Boulder, CO
I quite like the effect on this one of mine, the Pontcysyllte_Aqueduct, in Wales/UK
Barge crossing the aqueduct
mic.mark 11 years ago
Not a crazy quantity of flare on this picture, but there is some strange green flaring over on the RHS of the building. I kinda like it!

Teesside By Night 1: The University.
present tree [deleted] 11 years ago
Not sure if this is "flare" or "starburst":
starburst: www.earthboundlight.com/phototips/starburst-effects.html
wonderful front [deleted] 11 years ago
wow that lens flare is awesome!
Seeking Inspiration 10 years ago
Sigma 10-20 sure gives crazy flare at times , but i like the effect :)
Crazy Flare
Orbmiser 10 years ago
Blasting Sun
Jon's snaps PRO 10 years ago
No lens flare on this one - taken directly AT the sun (just above the Lincoln memorial) the B&W MC CPL removed the flare from that and the water reflection. gues that is what $160 buys you :)

chays01267 10 years ago
shad_41 10 years ago
Green flares seem to be all the rage with the 10-20.
felixspencer2 10 years ago
just the right amount of sunburst
sheepfeeder 1
although i admit i did have to clone out a weird green lens flare spot
Seeking Inspiration 10 years ago
oh wow B+W filters actually can cut up flare too? :) i guess i will invest in one if that is the case :)
perfect snail [deleted] 10 years ago
Not crazy flare here, but it's actually the effect i wanted:

Sunset Supra #1
felix.h 10 years ago
sun and steel 2
A.J. Pye 10 years ago
This lens flares like a beast, but if you know how to use it it can be great. Here's my only effort to date involving deliberate flaring:


Good work from the guys above too. I love this lens!
Dan Bo 10 years ago
Fun lens!

I think having three grand NDs (8 stops) on the front had something to do with this effect. But it turned out wonderful and is one of my favorites.
teaislovely 10 years ago
I had to tone it down a bit in photoshop... it was like WOAH FLARE before.

tanyas house 145
orbital-vancouver PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by orbital-vancouver (member) 10 years ago
Took a couple photos which had flare unintentionally. Didn't like it. Then one day something clicked and I now rejoice in the flare! :)

Java-Flare on a Vancouver Sunday by orbital-vancouver
setasatan PRO 9 years ago
casa Tito
setasatan PRO 9 years ago
casa Tito
setasatan PRO 9 years ago
sin photoshop
arijanak 9 years ago
flares like awesome!
comfortable thought [deleted] 9 years ago
I like the little rainbow in this...
peterjaena 9 years ago
Paraw Regata 2009 BW
broad ear [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by broad ear (member) 9 years ago
nd-nʎ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by nd-nʎ (member) 9 years ago
WinterPark3W by nd-nʎ

my filter was not very clean when taking this photo.. but the sunburst is definitely due to the 6-blade diaphragm. like it a lot.
Clint Koehler 9 years ago
Matsumoto Castle
Andy Suderman PRO 9 years ago
I think mine beats all of yours for plain craziness.

I took this while riding in the back seat of my friend's SUV.

Matsumoto Castle

These 10-20s have some crazy cool lens flare, eh?
rc.photo 9 years ago
Here's a 10mm shot with only moderate flare; Hoya Pro1 UV on the front:

SCOOT_ER 9 years ago
HDR flare

Winter morning - hdr
arijanak 9 years ago
Gerry Chaney 9 years ago
Wicklow Gap
setasatan PRO 9 years ago
helisuperficie noche

cuatro caminos Hellin
setasatan PRO 9 years ago
helisuperficie noche
hospitable fog [deleted] 9 years ago
Green Grass Path
scrawnsenior 9 years ago
jas1ne photography 9 years ago
40/365 - spark it up! by jas1ne photography
Little Definition 1

got another one from a gig, a green spot light caused uber green flarage.
davic 9 years ago
RichGreenePhotography.com Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RichGreenePhotography.com (member) 9 years ago
I have three that I like a lot -- was pleasantly surprised by the Sigma's flare...

Sun Through Whitney Portal Arch

Alabama Hills Moonrise

Sunrise on Josh's Tree
johnche PRO 9 years ago
well, it's not CRAZY flare, but it's flare.

Buglugs PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Buglugs (member) 9 years ago
Hey Rob, here's a good thought to take to heart...
I use higher end multi coated UV Filters recommended for lenses. They will protect the front lens glass from getting scratched and/or keeps dirty pollutants from sticking to them. With the harsh chemicals that float around in the atmosphere, it makes me think what it does to the Multi Coating on a lens. Also the cleaning solution in glass cleaners will tend to wear off the Multi Coatings over time.
I'd rather wear out a $65 dollar UV Filter instead of a more expensive lens...
Something you may want to think about and invests in. Protecting your camera glass will allow them to last longer.

I took this photo with a Kenko PRO1-D UV (W) Filter on my Sigma 10-20. Without it there would have been lots of lens flare, but here you see better detail in the clouds.
Colonel Belcher Veterans Hospital - West wing demolition
Alex-U- 9 years ago

SanchezCastillejo 9 years ago
Robczn PRO 9 years ago
Totally SOOC

68.365 - Finally
MichaelWalkerPhotos 6 years ago
I have the 10-20 f4-5.6 with a Hoya Pro Digital Protector filter on it. I get lots of flare, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't. Is there a technique or filter I can use to avoid flare. I'm using a Nikon D40. Here are a couple of examples...
DSC_0512 by MichaelWalkerPhotos

DSC_0419 by MichaelWalkerPhotos
subadei 6 years ago
Big assed lens flare..
Mighty Lens Flare
Wil C. Fry PRO 6 years ago
Is there a technique or filter I can use to avoid flare. I'm using a Nikon D40. Here are a couple of examples...

With the light source IN the shot, it's very difficult to avoid flare (impossible for me, but others seems to do it). Also filters generally add to the flare possibilities.
Stuart-Buchanan PRO 6 years ago
Now i wouldnt mind getting these types of flares with this lens, but i have been experiencing a red/green artefact when taking shots with the sun in the frame, looks awful, has anyone else experienced this.

I cant show an example at the mo, as i have edited it out the pictures
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