paval hadzinski 9:25am, 4 May 2010
I'll be the first. I'm working with advertising in Miensk, Belarus
mistral_mars 8 years ago
Hey. First, thanks for the invite. I'm working in tv post-production in Marseille, France.
light visitor [deleted] 8 years ago
Hey, Thanks for the invite. I'm working freelance video production, while trying to get my photography business running on the side in the San Francisco East Bay Area, California, USA
Noortje Weenink 8 years ago
Thanks for the invite indeed. :D I'm not working, but studying for my GSCE's now in Zutphen, Holland. And then I'm going to study Architecture.
paval hadzinski 8 years ago
Noortje, what is GSCE?
Andrew B47 PRO 8 years ago
Hi, I am working in Eindhoven in the south of The Netherlands, retiring soon and hoping to spend more time with my camera ..

and I too have a question about Noortje's GSCE - it sounds British rather than Dutch, so I am curious. :)
Thank you. I live in Vancouver BC. I was born in Miami Beach. I produce music and digital photo's that go-together.
Miro42 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Miro42 (member) 8 years ago
Thanks for the invitation. Hello, I am a graphic designer in from Israel and a photographer for 35 years
Aida Amor 8 years ago
First, thanks for the invitation! (:
Hi, I'm 15 years old, so i'm study in a hig school "3º de la ESO" (third year of obligatory education), in Spain.
VINpix 8 years ago
My name is Courtney from VINpix Photography. My passion is art & music. I love capturing beautiful/interesting moments on film. You can also check out my Deviant page and Portfolio at or
Thanks for the invite :)
D.A.K.Photography 8 years ago
Thank you for the inventation. I am from America but currently living in Sakhalin Russia working as the Executive Chef. Moving again soon to Belarus but not sure whats next. I'm using a Nikon d90 and love it as much as a family member.
lively wrench [deleted] 8 years ago
Thanks for the invitation - graphic designer working at Nationwide's global HQ here in sunny Columbus, Ohio. I've been shooting regularly for almost a year now after a long hiatus since shooting in college.
paval hadzinski 8 years ago
D.A.K.Photography, it will be nice to see U in my country :)
paval hadzinski 8 years ago
who will be the next one to describe?
m0525tw Posted 8 years ago. Edited by m0525tw (member) 8 years ago
That will be me..........
Thanks for invitation to join with everyone here in this great pool..
It's a new pool,, I wish I can found my really environment where I could fit in..
I still want to thank everyone here later...(for new photos)
paval hadzinski 8 years ago
have a nice time here. thank U for participation :))
.Ruby Tuesday. 7 years ago
Thanks for the invite, I'm working in southern California but planning to move to Reykjavik, Iceland this summer. I'm originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I just like playing around with cameras. :)
I am a graphic designer in Peru, taught at the Universidad Peruana de Arte. Now I am to pursue a career in teaching. Jobs thinking of doing shows in my country and enjoy elllo, greetings and thanks for the invite:)
Ellis Photography2010 7 years ago
I work for a group called Compassion uk helping kids around the world thanks for the invite to the group
AIV_photography 7 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I am a student in Baltimore, MD; studying photography and writing.
Eni Turkeshi Imagery 7 years ago
cool group
thanks for the invite
i am Albanian, for the moment living in Denmark.
i do both analogue and digital photography but my heart is closer to film photography of course.

and btw i brought the Albanian translation for your group`s question (what`s art? give us your opinion ) :
in Albanian would be :
Çfarë është arti? Na jepni mendimin tuaj
paval hadzinski 7 years ago
thanks marielito :) I'll add it. enjoy
Eni Turkeshi Imagery 7 years ago
you`re welcomed ;)
NylonBleu 7 years ago
Hello, I'm NylonBleu, I live in France and my passion is fashion doll photography.... I have find this group by hasard... Love the pictures here, I got to look at each one... Hope my little pics will have a little place amoung you.... warm regards eveybody !
paval hadzinski 7 years ago
nice dolls :)
Phillip John Hopkins 7 years ago
I live in a town called Crieff, in Scotland but I was born in Manchester, England. I am an amateur photographer and a graphic designer.
gilmolm Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gilmolm (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for the invitation!
porotov 7 years ago
Thank you for your invitation, my name is Valery, from Stavropol, Russia, photography is my hobby and I'm still learning flick (sorry my bad english0
byus71 PRO 6 years ago
Hi, thank you for the invite! I'm Fabio from Rome (Italy) and working freelance e-learning specialist and the photography is a little hobby
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