John Piper. [deleted] 12:02am, 18 April 2011
Thank you for the invite to join but I am not sure my pictures meet the high standard of the other photographers.
That's part of the beauty of joining groups. you get to see the work of other photographers and get to discuss the hows and whys of what went into a shot. My experience with portraiture is very limited. My mainstays are landscapes and Infrared. Currently I'm working on taking my abilities as an outdoors photographer using ambient light and incorporating it into outdoor portrait work. Of course i have to find some time and set up some shoots but I'll get to now that the weather is warming up.
John Piper. [deleted] 7 years ago
Thank you for your reply, we are starting to get some nice weather here in the uk, so will be out and about with the camera. I agreed to group rules however was not able to fully read. I hope to add something soon. All the best. John UK
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